Hear Diversity: 5 Audiobooks for Teens that Build Understanding, Not Walls

Diversity in audio is just as important as diversity in print. Kids and teens need to hear themselves in character dialogs and language just as much as they need to see themselves reflected in their print counterparts. Books on CD and downloadable audiobook format also provide accessibility for people with obstacles that prevent them from […]

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Christmas Movies in June?

If you are like me, then you don't see a great majority of the year's holiday movies until June. You probably saw the major blockbusters: Hunger Games, Alvin and the Chipmunks, or the new episode of Star Wars. But who had time to see extra movies when there was shopping to be done? Love the Coopers When four generations of family […]

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The Woodmont Public Garden

The Woodmont Library is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its wildly successful public garden. Created in 2012 by Children’s Librarian Deborah Sandler, each year it just gets better and better. Thanks to this year’s Children’s Librarian Robin Howe, we are continuing the tradition. The peas and kale are ready and the strawberries are coming on […]

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LEGO, I Love You

For fans of LEGO® bricks, love runs deep. And for good reason; these simple toys appeal to our maker sensibilities and artistic bents. In fact, brick building just might be one of the most beneficial activities for freeing our imaginations to accomplish some pretty complicated creative feats. Don't believe me? The work of Nathan Sawaya might change […]

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Fires and forests and parks, oh my

This August 25th it will be 100 years since President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the The National Parks Service, a new federal bureau in the Department of the Interior responsible for protecting the 35 national parks and monuments then managed by the department and those yet to be established. For folks just interested […]

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Welcome to *CHOMP!* Shark Week

Do you have someone in your household who loves sharks? If so, then I probably don't need to tell you that it's SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel! This programming series started as a silly idea in 1988 that has grown into an unstoppable cultural phenomenon. Did you know that Shark Week is the longest-running cable […]

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