Tips for Savvy Solo Travelers

Have you ever wanted to visit your dream destination but held off because you didn't have a traveling companion? Don't let a lack of company keep you from exploring the world's wonders. Traveling solo may initially seem overwhelming, but with some thoughtful planning and a lot of enthusiasm you can visit the places you've always […]

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Sometimes it’s Chopin, sometimes it’s “Chopsticks”

In August, we keep the bookdrop door open. Not just to confound the library's HVAC system, which invariably kicks into must heat the building right now" mode around midsummer each year. Not just to ease the steady enter-and-exit of rolling bins as returned books, magazines, DVDs and music are returned through the slots by the front door. In August, […]

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I recently took a trip down memory lane-- but not by choice. Last week I spent my California vacation helping my sisters clean out my parents’  backroom addition, and the two car garage which no longer fits their two cars. This did not happen because they have passed into the next world. Oh no, they […]

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Fall in the Edible Garden

The good news: it's not too late to put in a garden! The bad news: your back might still be sore from summer gardening. I tried winter gardening once and didn't have much luck - things grew, but at a Lilliputian scale.  I've never tried Fall gardening but it sounds awesome! More good news: learn how to […]

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Have You Seen a Sasquatch?

The 2017 Sasquatch Award nominees are flying off the shelves all over the library system (and the state!) as kids prepare for their local Battle of the Books or just want to get their hands on some of the best children's chapter books of the last couple years. What is the Sasquatch Award? Each year […]

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What’s BIG in Tiny spaces

"Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed in them."               -Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854 Ever feel that way? I sure do. Lately I find that I'd much rather donate unused items rather than figure out how to organize, sort, or store them. I […]

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Get Ready For Snowden

Okay, folks, this is not a drill. Filmmaker Oliver Stone-- the man who brought us "JFK," "Platoon," "Wall Street", and "W"-- is releasing his newest tale of American patriotism and treachery: "Snowden," based on the life and actions of Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee and NSA contractor who blew the whistle on the NSA's […]

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