Streaming Music to Craft By

National Craft Month is coming to a close, and I finished my nine-foot-long scarf just in time! With seven different stitch patterns worked across horizontal, vertical, and diagonal sections, this project presented quite the challenge. I may have even cried on it a few times. But the one thing that helped me persevere through this harrowing wool journey…
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Marching for Science!

Who here is a fan of science? *waves hand vigorously in the air* Awesome! I figured there would be a lot of us. Washington state is one of the US's scientific havens: we are major contributors to aerospace engineering, clean energy, cancer research, computer science, fisheries and wildlife study, forestry, self-driving cars (thanks, Elon Musk), and…
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On The Lighter Side

We've just had our wettest February/March on record. Taxes are due. Flower blooms are late. Politics is... no, never mind. Fortunately, April is National Humor Month. It's also National Fresh Celery Month, but it's harder to create a booklist about fresh celery, so I'm going with humor. The thing is, everyone has a slightly different…
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