Get a Library Account

Sign up for an online library eCard. There may be some restrictions based upon where you live.

If you already have a physical KCLS library card, you have an all-access account.

Note: new all-access cards are temporarily unavailable.

Online Library eCard

Available to King County residents and property owners, outside of Seattle, Yarrow Point, and Hunts Point. 

With your eCard you can:

Apply and confirm online
• Use your eCard account immediately
• Use the online library of eBooks, magazines, films, and music
• Access online classes, tutorials, language lessons, test prep, and certification
• Search databases, do research and find business and investment information

Your new eCard account number and PIN arrives quickly by email.

Later you will also receive a confirmation number by mail. You will need to go to and provide the confirmation number from the letter in order to confirm your account.

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