Capital Bond Projects

Your Investment. Your Library. Your Community.

Delivering on a Promise to Voters:

In the 15 years since voters approved a $172 million Capital Bond Measure, the King County Library System has opened 17 new libraries, expanded 11 libraries, and renovated 15 libraries. KCLS also has completed a library parking-lot expansion, built a three-story garage and enhanced many other facilities throughout the System.

Two final projects under the Capital Improvement Planopens a new window (PDF) were completed by spring 2019: a new Kent Panther Lake Library and a renovated Boulevard Park Library. These projects sealed KCLS’ commitment to King County residents who supported the 2004 bond measure, which was developed through extensive community outreach, involvement and discussion, and which included improvements for all KCLS libraries.

Although high construction costs necessitated modifications to some library improvement projects in the past, the construction environment is favorable for completing the remaining two projects and delivering on our promise to voters.

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Completed Projects

View completed bond project details in our Final 15 Year Report (PDF).