4 Great Podcast & Book Pairings

Maybe you're a voracious podcast fiend who wants to become immersed in the topics discussed on your favorite shows. Or maybe you're a wide-eyed newbie who's just a bit intimidated by the vast, ever-expanding universe of podcast choices. In any case, this list is for you! Use it to find a book that explores similar themes as […]

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Twin Peaks Festival…What?

In lieu of the May 21st launch of Twin Peaks: The Return, I discovered a local tradition. There is actually a Twin Peaks Festival, and it has been happening since 1993! The Twin Peaks Festival is a three-day celebration in North Bend, with a bus tour of the locations around Snoqualmie where the show was filmed. Fans […]

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A Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Our Changing County

Anyone who has visited the 48 libraries in the King County Library System, as I have done since becoming KCLS' Interim Director, appreciates the breadth of this county we call home. Given traffic, it is no small feat to drive from Federal Way to Skykomish, Vashon to North Bend, or Muckleshoot to Duvall. King County […]

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“Why Won’t You Buy That?!”

Ever wonder what out-of-print really means, or why some books are available for KCLS to buy after they are first published while others aren’t? Selection Librarian Brenna helped us demystify the answers to these frequently asked questions! Publishers and movie studios decide what stays in print. Books and movies are typically assigned a “print run” by their […]

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Don’t Waste Your Summer Harvest

When I was growing up, my parents made sure we wasted nothing--especially food. We'd pick guavas and coconuts from neighbors' overburdened trees. When fishing boats came back to the dock, my parents would ask for the fish heads to make soup. They were frugal and food savvy, something that I appreciate now more than I did […]

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