Office 2016 on KCLS Computers

Office 2016 looks and works a lot like Office 2013, so you should be able to use 2016 as well as you could 2013. To learn about the 2016 features, watch the Office 2016 New Features Course on (KCLS card* required). If you're new to Microsoft Office Software, or you want to improve your…
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3 Teen Romance Books with Mystery Letter Writers

While there are often big publishing trends—Dystopias! Superheroes! Thrillers with the word "girl" in the title!—sometimes you come across much smaller, often coincidental, trends. I read three books recently that all shared a plot point in common. This was an entirely unintentional reading choice, but made for an interesting comparison. These three recently published teen…
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Creepify Your Crypt

You're reading and watching some seriously spooky stuff. You've settled on a great costume. You've bought enough candy to rot your teeth a thousand times over. What else can you do to get yourself in an appropriately hair-raising mood? You need to create a suitably scary atmosphere, of course! It's time, my friends, to creepify…
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