Tale As Old As Time

beauty and the beast dance

If you ask the average library staff member what their favorite Disney movie is, chances are high that they will talk about Beauty and the Beast. And is it so surprising? The heroine Belle is a consummate booklover. The Beast woos Belle with an enormous multistoried library. The two bond by reading together *happy sigh.* […]

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A Very Unfortunate Book List

Count Olaf looks through a spyglass at orphans

On the most unlucky day of Friday the 13th, a television series premiered on Netflix depicting the tribulations (the word 'tribulations' means a state of great trouble or suffering) of the unfortunate Baudelaire orphans. If you tuned in expecting a nice little television show with puppies, rainbows and a happy ending then you were sorely disappointed. […]

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One and Done Fantasy

Giant book with chair and tree inside

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all fantasy readers must be in search of the next big series. Well, not I! Although I dearly love fantasy, I do lose steam after one too many books in the same storyline. After working my way through the first seven (there are 17 total) books in Terry […]

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Books I’m Grateful For

Open book with pages curled into a heart shape

We're coming up on Thanksgiving season. That time of year where we take a moment (in between football, turkey, and making sure Aunt June doesn't hit the booze too hard) and give a thought to the good things in our lives. I have always been one of those book geeks that you see Buzzfeed make […]

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Wimpy Librarian Challenge Accepted 2016

All Hallows Eve is nigh - have you completed your Wimpy Challenge for this year? As I write this, my countenance haggard from too many evenings spent avoiding night terrors, I find myself grateful to be alive after another month subjecting myself to the horrors that come from the library. However, these long nights of […]

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Wimpy Librarian Challenge 2016

I am prone to nightmares. Give me a horror book and I’ll show you lights on and hiding under the covers until dawn the next day. It wasn’t until I made a promise to myself to read something a little spooky every October that I was able to better appreciate the horror section of the […]

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Stranger Reads

During these last few days of summer, one would think I'd be spending time camping, s'more-ing, swimming, or otherwise squeezing in late summer activities. Well, one would think wrong. Instead I've been binge-watching the streaming smash-hit of the summer, Netflix's Stranger Things. Stranger Things is a fabulous mix of fantasy, science-fiction and horror, combined with […]

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Place Your Holds

There are some serious perks to being a librarian. Although I don't get to 'read at work all day' the way some stereotypes say, I do get to peek into the world of books long before they appear on the library shelves or on your eReader. Publishers know that librarians are avid book evangelists, so […]

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Save Me From Seattle Traffic: 2 Audiobooks for Your Commute

Seattle traffic consistently ranks among the top ten worst commute times in the nation. It's awful. It's maddening. You become convinced it would be faster to walk home. To help save your sanity, here are two audiobooks that I've been using to distract myself. Ready Player One Ready Player One This awesome homage to 80s pop-culture […]

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Cookbooks for Hapless Chefs

If I wanted food during my first year of college, I simply waltzed over to the school cafeteria and tucked in to the daily specials. Once and a while I luxuriously ordered a pizza from my dorm room just to shake things up. This idyllic existence lasted until I moved off campus my sophomore year. […]

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