Creepify Your Crypt

You're reading and watching some seriously spooky stuff. You've settled on a great costume. You've bought enough candy to rot your teeth a thousand times over. What else can you do to get yourself in an appropriately hair-raising mood? You need to create a suitably scary atmosphere, of course! It's time, my friends, to creepify […]

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3 Speedy SFF Novellas

Although the weather isn't getting any cooler (!), you can tell that fall is on its way. School supplies are on sale everywhere and just today I saw the first mention of Starbuck's beloved PSL (that' s the Pumpkin Spice Latte for the sadly uninitiated). All this means that if I want to squeeze in […]

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Grow Your Poetry Knowledge

April is National Poetry Month (I know you all were eagerly anticipating this celebration all year). Since my poetry reading during the rest of the year is sporadic at best, I always like the reminder to fill my to-be-read pile with new poets. If you'd like to honor the art of verse in April, the […]

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Read or Watch the Nature

When I was growing up, Sunday evenings were sacred. Every week without fail my family and I would all snuggle up and watch the television series Nature. I loved learning new things about the natural world and seeing exotic creatures up close. This was such a cornerstone of my childhood, that it is not entirely surprising that […]

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Tale As Old As Time

If you ask the average library staff member what their favorite Disney movie is, chances are high that they will talk about Beauty and the Beast. And is it so surprising? The heroine Belle is a consummate booklover. The Beast woos Belle with an enormous multistoried library. The two bond by reading together *happy sigh.* […]

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A Very Unfortunate Book List

On the most unlucky day of Friday the 13th, a television series premiered on Netflix depicting the tribulations (the word 'tribulations' means a state of great trouble or suffering) of the unfortunate Baudelaire orphans. If you tuned in expecting a nice little television show with puppies, rainbows and a happy ending then you were sorely disappointed. […]

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One and Done Fantasy

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all fantasy readers must be in search of the next big series. Well, not I! Although I dearly love fantasy, I do lose steam after one too many books in the same storyline. After working my way through the first seven (there are 17 total) books in Terry […]

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