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Listen to your favorite audiobooks without leaving home. Download or stream your next read from OverDrive now.

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Need something to listen to during your next drive? Listen to exclusive audiobook titles in RBdigital. Many are available on demand.

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Get tips for listening to digital audiobooks from your library. Find out about new features and other changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Checkouts and Holds

  • Some borrowing limits have changed while libraries are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit our blog to find out what's different during the closure.

    A full-access KCLS library card in good standing may borrow:

    All items except downloads Maximum of 100 items
    OverDrive eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, and video     25 items
    RBdigital downloadable audiobooks 25 items
    hoopla digital music, movies, TV, and comics 10 items per month
    RBdigital magazines No checkout limits
    Kanopy streaming movies 5 items per month. No holds.

    KCLS is not responsible for damage to equipment that occurs while using library-owned material.

    Patrons who have reached the maximum number of physical checkouts are not able to login or borrow items from OverDrive, hoopla, or RBdigital.

  • Books, CDs, cassettes, CD-ROMs, LPs, kits, players, DVD sets with runtime of 5 hours and label 28 days
    OverDrive eBooks, OverDrive and RBdigital downloadable audiobooks, hoopla digital comics 21 days
    Magazines, DVDs with runtime of less than 5 hours, video cassettes, hoopla digital music, OverDrive video   7 days
    hoopla digital video 3 days (72 hours)
    RBdigital magazines   Unlimited
    Most Media Equipment (use in library only)  1 day
    Reusable KCLS bags 1 year, 2 renewals


  • Checkout and holds limits vary by service. Please visit How many items may I check out?opens a new window

  • All items except downloads 50 holds (Seattle city residents may place up to 10 holds)
    OverDrive eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, and video     25 holds
    RBdigital downloadable audiobooks 10 holds
    hoopla digital music, movies, TV, and comics No holds
    RBdigital magazines No holds

    KCLS is not responsible for damage to equipment that occurs while using library-owned material.

  • Except for media equipment, physical items that are not on hold for another borrower may be renewed up to two times.

    RBdigital Audiobooks and OverDrive digital downloads that are not on hold for another borrower may be renewed once.

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OverDrive Downloadable Audiobooks

  • To check out eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, or video from OverDrive, you need the following:

  • The checkout process varies by device.

    Don’t see your device listed here? Please visit the OverDrive help siteopens a new window for more instructions or contact Ask KCLS for help.

  • Titles return automatically at the end of the lending period. If you would like to return a title early, visit the OverDriveopens a new window help siteopens a new window for details on how to return a title from your device.

  • Supplementary content is bonus content that comes with certain titles, often in the form of a PDF ebook (with illustrations, maps, diagrams, etc.). A title with supplementary content will say "includes supplementary content" on its details page.

    To download supplementary content:

    • Go to on a desktop computer
    • Go to your Loans page (under books icon)
    • Select the paperclip icon next to the borrowed title
    • Select Download

    The supplementary content will download separately from the title. Most PDF supplementary content needs to be opened and read on a computer with Adobe Digital Editions. 

  • If you don’t have automatic checkout enabled, you have 96 hours to check out an OverDrive hold.

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RBdigital Audiobooks


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