Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

Visit a library to browse collections. Return items 24/7. Print from your own device or use a computer. Reserve a meeting or study room.

All libraries are open.

Find out how to use any of these services in the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Visit a Library

Browse the collection. Pick up holds. Use computers, copiers, and printers. Attend an event. Get help from staff.

How to visit a library

Pick Up Holds from a 24/7 Locker

Pick up holds anytime at lockers outside the library. We'll call or email you when your items are ready. You'll have three days to pick them up.

How to use lockers

Return Items

Return items anytime to a book drop or Self-Check-in station.

How to return items

Print from Your Own Device

Send a document to a library printer. Then, drop by to print it inside the library. Print for free using your weekly printing allowance.

How to use printing services

Use a Library Computer

Log in to a public computer with your library card. Print for free using your weekly printing allowance. Drop by to check for an available computer. Or, make a reservation.

How to use library computers

Reserve a Room

Request a space to host a meeting or telework at your library. Connect to online meetings using videoconferencing technology equipment in rooms at select libraries. Find a meeting or study room at your library.

Meeting Room Use Policy

Help the library stay open and safe.

Please do not use the library if you:

  • have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or
  • have a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Have a question? Need help?

We're open for phone, email, and chat. 

 Visiting the Library

  • We have heard feedback from patrons requesting more open hours. Some libraries in Southwest King County had enough staff to change open hours in January.

    More hiring is needed to offer additional open hours at more locations. We are actively hiring more staff across the system to support this goal. As staffing levels increase, we expect we will be able to change open hours at almost all locations. We appreciate your patience as we grow our team.

  • We don’t have a date to share yet. We are working to increase staffing levels so that we can expand hours across all locations.

  • In January, open hours changed at the following libraries: 

    • Des Moines 
    • Federal Way 
    • Federal Way 320th 
    • Valley View 
    • Woodmont

    These locations now stay open later a few days each week. Open hours also begin later on Saturdays at some of these libraries. Learn more about this change.

  • Yes. You can reserve a study room. Find a room and request a reservation.

24/7 Locker Pickup

  • When you place a hold from the online catalog, choose either: 

    Bothell Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Covington Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Federal Way 320th Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Kirkland Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Tukwila Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Woodinville Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    If you have Single-Click holds turned on, you’ll want to turn it off. This will give you the option to choose a locker. 

  • You’ll be notified by phone or email when your item is ready for pickup. You'll have three days to pick it up.

  • You’ll be notified when your item is ready for pickup.

    You have three days to pick up your hold. The lockers are available 24/7.  

    When you arrive, enter your library card number and PIN/password on the screen.

    Once you enter your information, a locker door will open to release your hold. This will open the locker door for all your items. If you sent more than one hold to the locker, you may see several doors open.  

    When the door opens, your items are checked out, so be sure to take all your items. If you find that you don’t want an item anymore, return that item to the library's manual book drop.

  • It depends on the size of the items. The lockers can hold several items.


Print from Your Own Device

  • Send a document to a library printer using our online form. After you've sent your document, drop by to pick up prints inside the library. You can pick up in as little as one hour. 

    1. Preview the document on your device and check the number of pages.

    • You can print up to $1.50 each week for free with your library card's weekly print allowance. That gives you up to 10 black and white or 3 color pages each week.
    • You have the option to pay for more prints.

    2. Send the document to a library that's open for visits. Send your document at least one hour before you will pick it up. You'll have 12 hours to pick up any documents you've requested. Print requests are deleted after 12 hours. Be sure to check your pickup location's hours before you send your document.

    • Find your pickup library in the Pickup Library list.
    • Use the form to send the document to your library's black and white or color printer.

    3. After you've sent your document, drop by your pickup location. 

    4. When you arrive at your pickup library, go to the self-serve print release station.

    5. Log in at the print release station to print your document. You'll use the same email address you used to send your document.

  • People with an all-access library card number can request prints. New accounts may not be in the print system. Call your print pickup location if you are unable to upload your print job. 

  • You have a limit of $1.50 each week in your library card's print allowance. You can use the allowance on library printers or copiers.

    With the allowance, you can print or copy:

    • up to ten black and white pages
    • three color pages each week for free.

    If you don't have enough credit for your entire print or copy request, you have the option to pay for more pages.

    Additional pages of letter-size (8 1/2" x 11") prints and copies cost:

    • $0.15 for black and white.
    • $0.50 for color.
  • No, there is not a limit to the number of print jobs in your weekly print allowance. There is a limit to the number of pages. Preview your print job before you upload it.

    If you do not have enough credit for your entire print job you have the option to pay for more prints.


  • Return items to the manual book drop or Self-Check-in outside. Staff will also take returns in person. You can give items such as kits to staff to check in during your visit.

    Find a book drop.

    Find a library that offers Self-Check-in.

    Why isn't the book return open at my library?

  • Please call the library where you returned your materials.

  • Book drops and Self-Check-in are open on days that libraries are closed. However, we aren't available to assist if book drops are full or if Self-Check-in is out of order while we're closed. If Self-Check-in is out of order after hours, please return items to your library's book drop.

  • Return kits at any library. You will need to go into the library and ask staff where to place the item.


  • Wi-Fi remains on, during normal library hours, until further notice. Connectivity outside the library building varies by location. Comcast has some low-cost options for people without internet access at home.

  • By their very nature, public Wi-Fi networks are not secure.

    If security is important to you, we suggest connecting to a VPN or limiting your Wi-Fi use to non-critical email and basic web surfing.

    To increase security, use firewall and antivirus software, keep your operating system up to date, turn file sharing off, and encrypt sensitive files.

  • Free Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi) is available at all of our libraries. No password is needed to connect.

    Using your computer's network utilities, look for the Wi-Fi network named " Wireless."

    Due to the variety of computer systems, library staff may not be able to help visitors configure their own equipment.


  • If your application was within the 60 days, call Ask KCLS or any library for help. You will need to provide:  

    • your confirmation code from the letter we sent you 
    • your full name 
    • the address from your application, and  
    • your phone number.  

    Staff will be able to confirm your account. Every time you use your eCard your account will be renewed for two years. 

    The letter takes a week to 10 days to arrive. If you don’t receive the letter within 14 days, please contact Ask KCLS or any KCLS library for help.  

    If you waited more than 60 days to confirm your account, you must reapply. You will receive a new account number and a new confirmation number. We cannot recover your old number or activate your old holds associated with your old library card number. 

  • Try the last four digits of your phone number. If you haven't set up a PIN/password, it defaults to the last four digits of the phone number in your library account.

    If that doesn't work, reset your PIN/password using your library card number. Or, show photo ID to staff at the library.

  • eCards are available to King County residents and property owners, outside of SeattleYarrow Point, and Hunts Point

    Residents of reciprocal library systems can get a card that needs to be activated in person. Apply online for an all-access card. You can activate your card in person at one of our libraries. You will need proof of address and photo ID that shows your date of birth. You'll receive instructions to complete the process when you get your card in the mail.


  • A full-access King County Library System (KCLS) library card in good standing may borrow:

    All items except downloads Maximum of 100 items
    OverDrive eBooks and downloadable audiobooks 25 items
    OverDrive magazines No checkout limits
    hoopla digital music, movies, TV, and comics 10 items per month
    Kanopy streaming movies 5 items per month. No holds. (Kanopy Kids, Great Courses, and Credit-Free Viewing are counted separately.)

    KCLS is not responsible for damage to equipment that occurs while using library-owned material.

    Patrons who have reached the maximum number of physical checkouts are not able to log in or borrow items from OverDrive or hoopla.

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    Most videodiscs (DVDs and Blu-rays), except feature films 

    28 days
    • eBooks
    • downloadable audiobooks
    • magazines

    hoopla digital comics

    21 days
    Feature film videodiscs (DVDs and Blu-rays)
    hoopla digital music
    7 days
    hoopla digital video 3 days (72 hours)
    Kanopy digital video
    2-3 days (48-72 hours), depending on the film
    Most Media Equipment (use in library only)  1 day

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  • Checkout and holds limits vary by service. Please visit How many items may I check out?, opens a new window

  • Borrowing periods vary by service. Please visit How long can I borrow items for?, opens a new window


  • We are not sending accounts to collections right now. 

    Books, audio/video materials, magazines $0.10 per item, per day $3.00 maximum per item per loan period 
    Most media equipment $5 per item, per day $50.00 maximum per item per loan period

    You will be charged a replacement cost for items that are 30 days overdue.

    You will not be able to borrow items if you owe more than $25 in late fines or lost fees.

  • While we have not eliminated late fines, we have taken other steps to reduce fines and barriers to access. These actions include: 

    Since the pandemic, checkouts of physical items such as print books have decreased. We expect this change will greatly reduce the number of fines collected.

    We will be analyzing the impact of late fines. In doing so, we'll be looking at data specific to our library and community. We'll be gathering data on fines collected for six months. During that time, we will evaluate the changes and the impact on our communities.

    Following that analysis, we'll share that information with our Board of Trustees. All policy changes must be approved by the Board. The Board has the ultimate authority to make decisions about fines.

  • You will receive a late fine if you do not return library materials by the due date.

    You will receive a lost or damaged fee when library materials are damaged or are more than 30 days overdue. If library materials are more than 30 days overdue, they are considered lost.

    On May 4, we began processing lost fees. We will mail billing notices to accounts with over $25 in fees.

    You won’t be able to borrow items if you owe more than $25 in late fines or lost items.

  • Late fine collection is unpredictable. Based on historical activity, we could expect to collect up to $468,000 from cleared accounts. We received a $208,000 grant from the KCLS Foundation to help offset uncollected revenue for 2022.

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