Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

Guiding and Aligning Our Work, 2019-2023

King County Library System’s (KCLS) Strategic Framework and its elements were thoughtfully developed after broad input from patrons, community leaders and partners, educators and staff in 2016. It reflects KCLS’ commitment to public service and accountability, and a deep intention to enhance lives, forge connections and strengthen communities.

Since implementation of the Strategic Framework in 2018, KCLS has completed more than 50 projects that advance the Library System’s strategic goals. These include projects that improve business processes, enhance customer service and increase alignment with KCLS’ values. Remaining projects focus on development of services that inspire patrons and improve their library experience.

Strategic Focus

To Create Opportunities Through Meaningful Connections

We will do this by connecting people with

  • Information and services to navigate life’s complexities and biases
  • Equitable avenues to build the skills and knowledge needed for success
  • One another to bridge differences and create communities of inclusion and belonging

Continued Commitments

Customer service through helpful and expert staff; a robust and diverse collection of books and resources; responsive programs and services and welcoming library spaces.

Strategic Goals

Organizational Excellence

KCLS has clear priorities and effective practices; high-performing leadership and staff; financial stability and a healthy culture.

We measure our performance and use what we learn to make sound decisions.

Focus: Improve financial management; organizational culture; and knowledge, skills and abilities of staff.

Strategic Communication

KCLS communication is clear, timely and intentional. Residents, partners and supporters recognize KCLS as an essential contributor to their lives. Staff use internal standards, practices and tools that inform, educate and connect us with one another.

Focus: Improve internal and external communication and workflow processes.

Responsive, Inspirational Service

KCLS offers customized pathways to exciting, relevant opportunities that inspire innovation, creation, learning and reflection. KCLS connects with people and organizations to leverage community strengths and enhance experiences.

Focus: Increase responsiveness to changing technology needs and reduce barriers to access.

Communities of Inclusion and Belonging

KCLS continually works to increase equity, strengthen bonds and support individual and community identities by embracing and reflecting the diversity of our communities.

Focus: Improve patron experience and responsiveness to community interests.

2022 Projects

The Budget includes funding for key projects that align with KCLS’ four strategic goals.

Communities of Inclusion and Belonging

  • Implement KCLS’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy.
  • Increase community partnerships in program and service development and delivery.
  • Deliver programs that reflect community diversity
  • Provide collections and materials that support diverse communities.

Responsive, Inspirational Service

  • Improve access to information through technology.
  • Build economic resilience in our communities.
  • Support children’s love for reading.

Organizational Excellence

  • Configure library staffing to meet community needs.
  • Improve innovation and continuous improvement processes.
  • Craft an inclusive vision for intellectual freedom.
  • Upgrade libraries to reduce KCLS’ carbon footprint.

Strategic Communication

  • Improve KCLS’ internal communication.
  • Implement user-centered communication strategies.
  • Upgrade financial and data management and reporting systems.
  • Explore the best timing to revisit a levy lid lift.
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