Humans of Libraryland: Mother of Dragon

Welcome back to Humans of Libraryland, where I help you all get to know a bit more about the people who work for your library system. What do we do when we're not at work? What do we do when we ARE at work? I tell ya, folks, it's a mystery. This week, we're talking […]

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Saying Goodbye to Cassini

The Cassini-Huygens unmanned spacecraft has explored our solar system for nearly twenty years, and it's about to reach the end of its journey. This weekend the probe began its final set of maneuvers, spiraling between Saturn and its innermost rings 22 times before crashing spectacularly into the atmosphere of the planet and burning up in fiery […]

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A Readable Feast: Take Another Pizza My Heart!

A homemade pizza resting on a cutting board.

Welcome back to A Readable Feast, where I coerce my coworkers into giving up their most treasured recipes! This month we're talking with a real food aficionado, Kirsten from Duvall, who has (willingly, I promise) kindly offered up her super-secret recipe for the best pizza dough you've ever tasted! Here's the story, from Kirsten herself: "My […]

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Marching for Science!

Who here is a fan of science? *waves hand vigorously in the air* Awesome! I figured there would be a lot of us. Washington state is one of the US's scientific havens: we are major contributors to aerospace engineering, clean energy, cancer research, computer science, fisheries and wildlife study, forestry, self-driving cars (thanks, Elon Musk), and […]

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Humanos de Bibiotecolandia: El hombre a cargo

The word "hello" in white on a blue background

¡Bienvenidos de nuevo, “Bibiotecolanderos”! ¿Están listos para adentrarse en la aventura de una vida más de nuestro personal de la biblioteca? ¿Quieren saber cuál son sus pensamientos secretos? ¿Recibir algunas sugerencias de libros? Esta semana tenemos la suerte de pasar un poco de tiempo con un bibliotecario asombroso y abogado de la comunidad latina que […]

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Women’s History Month: Read, Watch, Listen Now

It's Women's History Month, the time of year when we honor the historical and cultural contributions of women from all of the various backgrounds and life circumstances that make up the American landscape we enjoy today; women who have been "consistently overlooked and undervalued in the body of American history" and yet have made many "historical […]

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10 to Try: Fiction We Loved in 1942

People getting their books checked out by staff at the Bellevue library (vintage)

We're into the third month of the 10 To Try reading challenge. How's it coming, folks? Stuck in a rut? Need some inspiration for your next read? Well, since we're also celebrating KCLS's 75th birthday, let's try to cross off that "Read a book published since 1942" category by taking a look at the books […]

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Humans of Libraryland: the Man in Charge

Welcome back, Librarylanders! Are you ready for another adventure into the lives of library staff? Want to hear their secret thoughts? And get some book suggestions? This week we were lucky enough to snag some time with an amazing librarian and Latino community advocate who works in South King County. Please meet: José García from […]

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Refugee Stories Around the World

An African mother and child sitting together

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” -Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee You don't have to be a newshound or a political wonk to have heard a story or two […]

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Get Ready for Get Out

The words "Get Out" on a shadowy dark blue and black background

Has all this mushy February love stuff got you in the mood for something different? If you're looking for a good scare that will also give you something to think about then you've *got* to go see Get Out, an original horror flick written and directed by Jordan Peele that's being hailed as "...both unsettling […]

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