Natural Disasters on Your Mind?

I don't know about you, but I have been glued to social media and the news all week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey: watching videos of people and animals being rescued, listening to interviews with first responders, even gawking at that skin-crawley picture of fire ants floating together on the surface of the flood […]

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Eclipse-Watcher’s Guide

It was incorrectly reported in the media that all libraries would have glasses.  We apologize for any inconvenience. However, we are excited about the upcoming event! The Great American Eclipse is coming! Are you excited? We know we are! Even though total solar eclipses happen around the world about every eighteen months, there hasn't been […]

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Movies We Love to Hate

When it comes to "bad" movies there are some that make me feel so bad I never want to watch them again, and then there are the ones I love to hate. Like Hudson Hawk,* which is a 90s heist comedy starring Bruce Willis with an okay premise that takes a sudden turn through Weirdville en route […]

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American Gods on Your Teevee

There's a lot of good TV coming out this year and one of the shows I'm really enjoying is American Gods, a joyfully Technicolor adaptation of Neil Gaiman's gloriously weird bestselling novel of the same name. The plot centers on Shadow Moon, a recently widowed ex-con whose world has turned upside down, and the mysterious […]

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🔥 Build a Bonfire 🔥

It's coming, folks! The Seattle Sounders will be playing their first match-up versus our most hated rivals, the villainous Portland Timbers this Saturday, May 27. You may not be a soccer fan, but if you love sports then you probably enjoy a good rivalry game as much as anyone, and let me tell you this […]

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