American Gods on Your Teevee

A faded neon sign in red and gray that reads "American Gods"

There's a lot of good TV coming out this year and one of the shows I'm really enjoying is American Gods, a joyfully Technicolor adaptation of Neil Gaiman's gloriously weird bestselling novel of the same name. The plot centers on Shadow Moon, a recently widowed ex-con whose world has turned upside down, and the mysterious […]

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🔥 Build a Bonfire 🔥

A painted tifo display quoting from Conan the Barbarian

It's coming, folks! The Seattle Sounders will be playing their first match-up versus our most hated rivals, the villainous Portland Timbers this Saturday, May 27. You may not be a soccer fan, but if you love sports then you probably enjoy a good rivalry game as much as anyone, and let me tell you this […]

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Humans of Libraryland: Astro-tastic Jackie

A smiling woman, seated in a leather chair holding an infant who looks surprised.

Welcome to the next edition of Humans of Libraryland, where we explore the lives and personalities of the people who work at *your* public library. Is cardigan wearing really a thing? How many cats do we have, collectively speaking? And what's the name of that one book-- with the blue cover? This week we're chatting […]

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Sounders v Toronto 2: MLS Cup Harder

Soccer fans displaying a tifo: a hoisted canvas painting and a flag made up pf fans holding up colored cards along with another bit on canvas that says "Champions."

This Saturday, May 6, the Seattle Sounders will be playing Toronto FC in their first rematch since the Sounders took the MLS Cup from their clutches on December 10 in a frigid nail-biter of a game at Toronto's BMO Field. Here's my favorite moment: The beautiful game indeed. *wipes eyes discreetly* Well, this weekend is […]

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Humans of Libraryland: Mother of Dragon

Welcome back to Humans of Libraryland, where I help you all get to know a bit more about the people who work for your library system. What do we do when we're not at work? What do we do when we ARE at work? I tell ya, folks, it's a mystery. This week, we're talking […]

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Saying Goodbye to Cassini

The Cassini-Huygens unmanned spacecraft has explored our solar system for nearly twenty years, and it's about to reach the end of its journey. This weekend the probe began its final set of maneuvers, spiraling between Saturn and its innermost rings 22 times before crashing spectacularly into the atmosphere of the planet and burning up in fiery […]

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A Readable Feast: Take Another Pizza My Heart!

A homemade pizza resting on a cutting board.

Welcome back to A Readable Feast, where I coerce my coworkers into giving up their most treasured recipes! This month we're talking with a real food aficionado, Kirsten from Duvall, who has (willingly, I promise) kindly offered up her super-secret recipe for the best pizza dough you've ever tasted! Here's the story, from Kirsten herself: "My […]

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Marching for Science!

Who here is a fan of science? *waves hand vigorously in the air* Awesome! I figured there would be a lot of us. Washington state is one of the US's scientific havens: we are major contributors to aerospace engineering, clean energy, cancer research, computer science, fisheries and wildlife study, forestry, self-driving cars (thanks, Elon Musk), and […]

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Humanos de Bibiotecolandia: El hombre a cargo

The word "hello" in white on a blue background

¡Bienvenidos de nuevo, “Bibiotecolanderos”! ¿Están listos para adentrarse en la aventura de una vida más de nuestro personal de la biblioteca? ¿Quieren saber cuál son sus pensamientos secretos? ¿Recibir algunas sugerencias de libros? Esta semana tenemos la suerte de pasar un poco de tiempo con un bibliotecario asombroso y abogado de la comunidad latina que […]

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Women’s History Month: Read, Watch, Listen Now

It's Women's History Month, the time of year when we honor the historical and cultural contributions of women from all of the various backgrounds and life circumstances that make up the American landscape we enjoy today; women who have been "consistently overlooked and undervalued in the body of American history" and yet have made many "historical […]

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