How do you KNOW it’s a hoax? (or: How to outsmart the Internet)

Whether it's the latest rumor about Facebook stealing your photos or the warning you got from a friend-of-a-friend about razorblades in the Hallowe'en candy, how do you know if it's bogus, outdated, or just plain wrong?   Here are few tips to help you OUTSMART THE INTERNET: 1. Consider the distance from the source, (or: Where did…
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Homemade Halloween

I take Halloween crafts and costumes very seriously. This is certainly due to the influence of my mom, a virtuoso seamstress who designed costumes for local theater productions and was once commissioned to sew a purple velvet bow tie for Donny Osmond in the mid-'70s. Every Halloween, she cranked out exquisite handmade costumes for me and my…
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More Controversy in Kid Lit

Kid lit superstar Raina Telgemeier is in some hot water for her depiction of California missions and Día de los Muertos in her new graphic novel Ghosts. This book is already a bestseller and has a huge holds lists at KCLS. Many, many kids will read it. And what will they learn about Día de los…
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