Gloomy Tunes For Gloomy Days

I know, I know...we're not even a week into fall and here I am, already raring to go with an autumn-themed blog post. But I can't help it! I live for fall. Even though the sun is sure to eke out a couple more 70 degree days this month, I'm already making preparations for my favorite season: leafing through cookbooks…
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Four Atmospheric Autumn Reads

I love autumn. I love cardigan weather and listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and curling up on a brisk day with a book in hand. But not just any book will do. I want something that screams "fall." Something that evokes the colors of the season, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and…
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Three Genre-Bending YA Novels

Why stick to just one genre when you could mix multiple genres into one fantastic book? While experimenting with different genres isn't a new concept, there have been some standout titles as of late that breath new life into some of the standard young adult fiction tropes. Check out one of the books below or…
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