The Evolution of Memoir

I love a good memoir regardless of who's telling the story. As long as the writing is top-notch and the stories are a least somewhat juicy, I will read just about anything that delves into the real-life drama of human existence. Traditionally, memoirs have focused solely on the life events of one particular person (sometimes…
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Fiction for Bibliophiles

October always brings me mental images of windblown leaves skittering down wet streets, of warm wool blankets newly applied to keep out the chill of a rainy fall evening, and huddling up with a good book. The fall is my favorite time to revel unabashedly in my deep love of books and reading. And nothing…
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Gloomy Tunes For Gloomy Days

I know, I know...we're not even a week into fall and here I am, already raring to go with an autumn-themed blog post. But I can't help it! I live for fall. Even though the sun is sure to eke out a couple more 70 degree days this month, I'm already making preparations for my favorite season: leafing through cookbooks…
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