Gloomy Tunes For Gloomy Days

I know, I know...we're not even a week into fall and here I am, already raring to go with an autumn-themed blog post. But I can't help it! I live for fall. Even though the sun is sure to eke out a couple more 70 degree days this month, I'm already making preparations for my favorite season: leafing through cookbooks…
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Food Facts (or Fiction?)

Hi. My name is Katharine, and I'm a lazy eater. Although I don't cook or eat like my parents did (in my family, grease was a vegetable), I'm not as careful as I should be about my diet. This makes me feel kind of guilty, but not ashamed enough to always choose cabbage over croissants…
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Cozy Clutter

I'll be honest: I am not a tidy person. While my home has not reached Hoarders or Grey Gardens levels of disarray, it is decidedly not a Real Simple magazine shrine to minimalism and order. My walls are a hodgepodge of unframed posters and textiles, my sofa is host to a veritable artillery of mismatched needlepoint…
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