Saying Goodbye to Cassini

The Cassini-Huygens unmanned spacecraft has explored our solar system for nearly twenty years, and it's about to reach the end of its journey. This weekend the probe began its final set of maneuvers, spiraling between Saturn and its innermost rings 22 times before crashing spectacularly into the atmosphere of the planet and burning up in fiery…
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What to Read and Watch After “Girls”

Last Sunday, HBO aired the final episode of its groundbreaking, infuriating, challenging, enraging, amazing series Girls. Whether you loved it or hated it, the deeply provocative show, with its brazenly narcissistic characters, unconventional storytelling, and candid sex scenes, was impossible to ignore. While I certainly understand the critics' grievances and have struggled with elements of the show myself, I…
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Grow Your Poetry Knowledge

April is National Poetry Month (I know you all were eagerly anticipating this celebration all year). Since my poetry reading during the rest of the year is sporadic at best, I always like the reminder to fill my to-be-read pile with new poets. If you'd like to honor the art of verse in April, the…
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