A Taste for Murder!

Food shows up as a main ingredient in much of the literature that we read and detectives worldwide have a special need for a good meal. Many of my favorite mysteries take place over over some kind of food or beverage. Who can solve a murder on an empty stomach? The bodies continue to pile up for […]

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Over 50? 5 Must-Read Books for 2017

A publishing company recently asked me to help determine the best new books on aging. Out of many good choices, these made the cut! Disrupt Aging (also available as an ebook) Written to “alter the mindset around aging,” this forthright book by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins is part memoir, part social treatise and part wake-up call […]

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Introducing 10 to Try!

One of our goals as a library system is to connect readers with great books and broaden our community’s reading horizons. This year, we’re trying something new to reach that goal: a reading challenge! In 2017, we hope you’ll join us for 10 to Try, a yearlong challenge that asks you to read a book […]

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2016: Year of the Yellow Books

While browsing for books online or in your local bookstore this year, you may have noticed an abundance of yellow book covers practically radiating in your direction. It's not just you! According to the Wall Street Journal, yellow is THE book jacket color of the moment, prized for its ability to "pop" both in person and on […]

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Remembering George Michael

Finer minds than mine have already done a beautiful job of eulogizing the late George Michael, but I'll give it a shot: I adored this man. It's easy to dismiss the 1980s pop music landscape as little more than froth and frivolity, synthesizers and silly hair. But we too easily forget how bold, daring, sexy, and subversive that decade truly was. Along with Prince, Madonna, […]

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It’s “Snow” Scary!

What is it about a snowstorm that creates the perfect setting for a horror story? Is it the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped for days or the howling wind and bone-shattering cold? Maybe it's the possibility of ancient monsters lurking in the ice. If a forecast for snow sends chills down your spine, try these […]

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