Mission, Vision, and Values


To inspire the people of King County to succeed through ideas, interaction and information.


A world where knowledge allows diverse communities to prosper and grow.


At KCLS, the principles that guide our work are:


Seeking and sharing learning and lived experiences

We value Knowledge as individual and shared collections of information, skills, relationships and lived experiences.

We build Knowledge through a continual process of broadening awareness and understanding, and by actively seeking connections and sharing learning opportunities.


Safeguarding open access to information and ideas

We value Intellectual Freedom as the right of everyone to seek out information, ideas and expressive content of any kind within the law.

We support Intellectual Freedom through a commitment to facilitating and safeguarding equitable access, privacy and an extensive range of constitutionally-protected opinions, perspectives and viewpoints.



Embracing and drawing strength from differences

We value Diversity as a wide representation of people with varied and intersecting identities, perspectives and experiences.

We embrace Diversity by centering people who are marginalized due to race, citizenship status, nationality, indigeneity, ethnicity, religious identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ability, age, size and class.


Removing barriers to opportunity

We value Equity as the lens we use to reimagine policies, practices and power dynamics at all levels in order to redistribute resources and create opportunities.

We foster Equity by thoughtfully investing our resources, countering injustice and inequality, and removing barriers so that all can reach their potential.


Fostering connection, community and belonging

We value Inclusion as authentically welcoming, engaging, and valuing individuals and communities, especially those who are often under-represented, marginalized or excluded from participation.

We practice Inclusion by creating meaningful connections and communities of belonging, and examining our own biases and prejudices to eliminate all forms of discrimination within the organization and in our service to KCLS communities.


Aligning with and acting on principles

We value Professional Ethics as the active and consistent embodiment of organizational and library profession values, principles, policies and practices through decision-making, action and conduct.

We act with Professional Ethics when we make decisions, craft policies, engage in practices and conduct ourselves in a way that considers, upholds and celebrates the espoused values and goals of our organization and field.


Managing resources carefully and clearly

We value Stewardship as the responsible, effective and transparent cultivation and management of economic, physical and human resources to provide the highest possible value to the communities we serve.

We demonstrate Stewardship when we assure the public resources entrusted to our care are carefully secured and managed for current and future stability and success, and when our staff are equipped and supported to provide responsive, inspirational service.


Putting people first to create positive experiences

We value Service Mindset as a people-first philosophy and practice that continually seeks to understand the needs and interests of, and respond with relevance and quality, to the people we serve.

We embody a Service Mindset when we consistently strive to create a positive experience for those we serve–inside the organization and in our communities–by seeking to understand their perspectives, support their interests and meet their needs.

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