6 YA Romance Authors to Know

There's nothing quite like first love. The passion, the uncertainty, and the newness of teen romance makes it especially poignant. When I'm looking for a particularly swoon-worthy read, I turn to young adult literature. Luckily for readers like me, there is an abundance of fantastic authors creating memorable characters and stories to enjoy. Here are…
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Coming-Of-Age Thrillers and Chillers

Ever since I watched the made-for-TV adaptation of Stephen King's It at a middle school slumber party, I've been captivated by coming-of-age horror stories and mysteries. Sure, I also devoured all of Judy Blume's candid yet wistful novels of adolescence as ravenously as any other precocious prepubescent with a library card. But the coming-of-age horror/thriller subgenres particularly appealed to me by…
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Cookbooks for Hapless Chefs

If I wanted food during my first year of college, I simply waltzed over to the school cafeteria and tucked in to the daily specials. Once and a while I luxuriously ordered a pizza from my dorm room just to shake things up. This idyllic existence lasted until I moved off campus my sophomore year…
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