Revisiting Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens is a property famously owned by the eccentric relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Edith Ewing Bouvier (Big Edie) and her daughter Edith Bouvier Beale (Little Edie) were scorned by their East Hampton community for the condition of their home, but they became pop culture icons through the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. Since then Grey…
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Get to Know ideaX

Learn new skills, whether it's creating electronic circuits, making a talking, moving robot, crafting a structure with a 3D pen, or mixing up a beat for an original song with ideaX events and tools at the library.
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One Billion Checkouts

One billion. It’s a defining number that’s hard to fathom yet understood as a massive milestone. There are very few things that can use the number 1 billion to describe what they represent. Recently, digital library checkouts through OverDrive became one of them. On February 10, OverDrive watched as their all-time checkouts surpassed 1 billion…
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Innovative Library Program for the 21st Century

The King County Library System has long been committed to offering a wide range of programs and services for every age, ability and background. But as needs and interests—and technology—changes, KCLS must continually improve and innovate to keep up with the times. The latest educational research shows that students who have strong skills in science…
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Literary Heroines We Love

March is Women's History Month and a great time to celebrate the many incredible fictional heroines who have inspired us and taught us life lessons.  There are many, but often we find one we relate to most. Growing up, I identified with Velvet Brown in National Velvet and admired how she defied social norms and posed…
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Books by Modern-Day Indigenous Women

When I started pulling together this blog post about books for Native American Heritage Month, I knew I wanted to highlight modern-day stories written by modern-day writers; so much of the narrative about Native Americans is centered in the past, ignoring current-day realities, or is written by outsiders who tend to objectify or romanticize the people and cultures they…
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Learn to Play the Ukulele

Looking to learn a musical instrument for the first time or pick up a new one? The ukulele is a friendly, sweet-sounding, and adorable instrument. The ukulele offers an easy introduction to playing music that is approachable for any age—with just a quick introduction you can easily play a song or two! Beginner ukes are…
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