Bumbershoot and Musicians You Might Not Know

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The Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle's celebration of music, arts, and creativity, may be in its 46th year, but this will be my first time! Next week, Labor Day weekend (September 2-4), we are going to see some big musical names come to the Seattle Center, including Macklemore, Billy Idol, Third Eye Blind, and Death Cab For Cutie. Unfortunately, I have never heard […]

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RiffTrax on hoopla


Are you a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000? If so, you may have heard of RiffTrax, which is written and performed by the MST3K folks but covers more genres than just science fiction. You can download the commentary tracks from their website to play along with their films, or (as I just discovered) hoopla has several […]

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Ten Terrific Back To School Books


School is almost upon us and for many parents and students this time of year can be full of every kind of emotion. From excitement about making new friends, to fear that your kindergartner will cry as you walk out of the classroom, to hope that this year will be less awful than last year. […]

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Place Your Holds


There are some serious perks to being a librarian. Although I don't get to 'read at work all day' the way some stereotypes say, I do get to peek into the world of books long before they appear on the library shelves or on your eReader. Publishers know that librarians are avid book evangelists, so […]

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Pizza leads to literacy (everyone knows that)

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What has 280 toes, eats 4 pizzas in an hour, and was recently featured in a podcast?   Why, the Teen Pizza and Book Club at the Lake Forest Park Library, of course! Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at the Lake Forest Park Library, Pizza and Books attracts between 6 and 18 readers between the […]

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Teen spotlight: Lil Smitty

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While some people grew up singing in the shower, Marques (AKA Lil Smitty) grew up rapping in the shower. Now a high school graduate, Lil Smitty has two mixtapes under his belt and shows no signs of slowing down. When I interviewed him in June, Smitty had just dropped his newest mixtape, "PTW (Paved the Way)." […]

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Picture books for Adults

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The Book of Speculation Recently I was reading 'The Book of Speculation' by Erika Swyker. Well, actually, I was listening to it on audiobook. It so captivated me, that I decided to checked out a paper copy so I could finish it. I'm so glad I did! Not only is this an amazing début work by the […]

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Viva VHS!


With countless streaming services at our disposal (hi there, hoopla!) and legions of Redboxes in every neighborhood, it's hard to believe that we once had to leave our homes and interact with a living, breathing, possibly sweating movie nerd to get our hands on the film of our choice (by the way, the legendary Scarecrow Video in Seattle's University District is still […]

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Dear Shelf Browser, Read This Book

my desk

My desk is a mishmash of cat paraphernalia, crafts made at library programs and notes I've found stuck in teen books. Some of the notes are skillful doodles, some statements of fact (apparently, "5th period = BORING!"). Others are book recommendations and words of encouragement ("stay strong, you can conquer your eating disorder"). Sticking everything up on my wall of awesome […]

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Back to School with KCLS


Where did the summer go? It’s hard to believe that August is nearly over. It was a very busy summer at the library. This year over 31,000 kids and teens participated in the annual Summer Reading Program. For those of you who don’t think young people read anymore, we definitely disproved that! As September looms […]

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