How do you KNOW it’s a hoax? (or: How to outsmart the Internet)

Animals laughing

Whether it's the latest rumor about Facebook stealing your photos or the warning you got from a friend-of-a-friend about razerblades in the Hallowe'en candy, how do you know if it's bogus, outdated, or just plain wrong?   Here are few tips to help you OUTSMART THE INTERNET: 1. Consider the distance from the source, (or: Where did […]

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Audiobooks to Walk With Your Dog


Hey dog owners.  You live in the Pacific Northwest where it is cold and rainy.  But despite the chilly wet of a long dark fall, Fido still needs his morning and evening sabbaticals.  If you are an apartment dweller, you may be braving the out of doors in your goulashes even more frequently.  Don't go […]

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Presidential Debates Over-What Now?


With the presidential elections just a little less than three weeks away, there's still plenty of time to obsess over this poll and that poll. I prefer to spend my time worrying about the current and near future Supreme Court vacancies. After all, a presidential term (even two) is a drop in the bucket compared to […]

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Recursos para hacer negocios redondos


Si estás pensando en comenzar o expandir tu propio negocio ¡este es el momento perfecto para hacerlo! Las bibliotecas del Condado de King ofrecerán unas series de seis clases para pequeños empresarios gratis y en español. Las clases te darán una visión global de aspectos claves relacionados con el éxito empresarial que nadie debería pasar por alto como son: el manejo eficaz del tiempo, cómo mejorar la […]

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¿Día de los muertos o Halloween?


En una reciente visita a una tienda de Halloween me di cuenta de que los vestidos y el maquillaje inspirados en el día de muertos están siendo usados como disfraces de Halloween. Aunque hay similitudes entre el origen espiritual del día de Halloween y el del Día de los Muertos (también conocido como Día de los Santos) la forma […]

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Big Purchase Coming Up? We Got Your Back.

photo credit: flickr user Manchester City Library

Hey folks, have you ever felt nauseated by the idea of making a big purchase; like a new washing machine, refrigerator, or car? I know I have. There are so many questions to answer! How reliable is this machine? What does a good one cost? How long will it last? Is it quiet? Can it handle […]

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Healthy and Happy Holidays


The holiday season will be here in a few short weeks, starting with Halloween and continue on until New Years Day. Already I've been thinking about how to keep myself happy and healthy throughout the season. No more "getting through" the holidays for me! I want to enjoy them and be healthy, all at the […]

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Need to Downsize? Here’s Help.


  Maybe the kids have left the house and you're stuck in a large space all to yourself. Or the rent is sky-rocketing and you have to start considering moving to a smaller, more affordable space. Whatever your reason, it's a daunting task to consider - moving your stuff and your life to a smaller […]

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hoopla Film School: Terrifying Children!


Greetings, avid pupils, and welcome to another edition of hoopla Film School! When we think of the great villains and nemeses in cinema, our minds are likely to conjure iconic images of relentless stalkers like Jason Voorhees, urbane psychopaths like Hannibal Lecter and Patrick Bateman, or omnipotent shapeshifters like Pennywise the Clown. But sometimes our movie […]

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