Summer of Love

The days are getting longer, the temperature is quietly climbing, and the birds in my neighborhood can barely contain their excitement: summertime is almost here! Maybe I'm alone in this, but something about summer's splendorous return always makes me want to travel back in time to the hippie heyday of the 1960s. However, unless my wildest dreams […]

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Loved Luther? Try These Titles

So you’ve binge-watched all four seasons of the addicting crime drama Luther. Now what? Try these books and TV shows to satisfy your craving for compelling psychological thrillers. Heartsick If you were fascinated by the irresistibly twisted relationship between Luther and Alice, you won’t be able to get enough of Detective Archie Sheridan and serial […]

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a two-hanky read

Orbiting Jupiter Jack is twelve years old when his foster-brother comes to live with the family on their little farm in Maine.  Joseph Brook is fourteen years old, recently released from a facility called Stone Mountain.  And he has a daughter named Jupiter, whom he loves deeply although he has never seen her. The story […]

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Preacher to the Stars

I'm not talking about Hollywood stars, but stars, as in new planets.  Peter Leigh is given the opportunity of a lifetime.  Go into space and preach the gospel of Jesus to a race of aliens living on the far away planet of Oasis.  He'll be gone for 5 years (yes, I know, queue Star Trek theme […]

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Shopping for Books in Paris!

I found myself in Paris last fall at Shakespeare and Company, the famous old bookstore that sits right next to the Seine and sells books in English. The building feels like a relic from Shakespeare's days and is stacked with books like your grandmother's attic. Somehow being in Paris and walking through the rooms stuffed with […]

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Are You The Next Top Chef?

The competition cooking show, Top Chef recently released the newest location for its 14th season as Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re anything like me not only are you excited about another season of crazy culinary challenges and arguments between egotistical chefs, but you’re also looking forward to learning about a new foodie city. In anticipation […]

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