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Tell Me A Story

The KCLS story time companion for parents and caregivers.


A Bee is On My Toe
A Bee Sat On My Nose
A Big Fat Spider
A Bouncing We Will Go
A Cowboy Wears a Cowboy Hat
A Farmer Went Trotting Upon His Gray Mare
A Fat Little Frog Came Hop, Hop, Hop
A Fly Went Into a Grocery Store
A House for Me
A Hunting We Will Go
A Is for Alligator, Chop, Chop, Chop!
A Kiss
A Little Apple Seed
A Little Brown Bear Went Searching
A Little Flea Went Walking
A little hot dog
A Little Monkey
A Little Rocket
A Mouse Lived in a Little Hole
A Nose
A Pizza Hut
A Ram Sam Sam
A Skipping We Will Go
A Tisket a Tasket
A Tooty Ta Ta
A Turkey
Acka Backa Soda Cracker
After a Bath
Aiken Drum
Airplanes Fly in the Sky
Alice the Camel
All Around the Apple Tree
All Around the Cobbler's Benc
All Around the Kitchen
All Around the Swamp
All I Want are Hugs from You
All My Fingers Go to Sleep
All the Fish Are Swimming
All the Pretty Little Horses
Alligator Elevator
Alligator on a Log
Alligator Pie
Alligator, Alligator
Almond Cookies
Alphabet Song
An Elephant Goes Like This
An Owl Sat Alone on the Branch of a Tree
Andy Spandy Sugar and Candy
Animal Hello
Animals at the Zoo
Animals in the Ocean
Animals in the Zoo
Animals on the Farm
Ants at the Picnic
Ants Go Marching
Ants in Your Pants by Nancy Stewart
Apple Rhyme
Apple Tree
Apples and Bananas
April Clouds
Are You Small Like a Mouse?
Arms Across and Arms Apart
Arms Up
Arms Up High Above Your Head
Astronaut Counting Game
At Night I See the Twinkling Stars
At the Zoo
Augustus Hopped and Skipped and Jumped
Auto, Auto, May I Have a Ride?
Autumn Animals
Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down
Autumn Leaves are Falling, Falling
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Baa Baa Black Sheep
Babies are Born
Baby Birdie
Baby Goes Bumpy Boo
Baby in the Buggy
Baby in the Cradle
Baby Needs A Diaper Change
Baby Pokey
Baby Shark
Baby's Ready for His Bath
Baby, Baby Dumpling
Baking an Apple Pie
Balloons for a Party
Balls at Story Time
Bananas Unite
Bath Time Bubbles
Bats Eat Bugs
Be a Seed
Bear is Sleeping
Bear Song
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