Tell Me A Story



A Fly Went Into a Grocery Store
A Little Apple Seed
A little hot dog
A Pizza Hut
Aiken Drum
All Around the Apple Tree
Alligator Pie
Almond Cookies
Andy Spandy Sugar and Candy
Ants at the Picnic
Apple Rhyme
Apple Tree
Apples and Bananas
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Baking an Apple Pie
Bananas Unite
Bears Eat Honey
Big Chocolate Cake
Blue Is the River
Boogie Woogie Piggy
Bread and Butter
Bumblebee Was in the Barn
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C is for Cookie
Call the Puppy
Caterpillar, Caterpillar, Crawl, Crawl, Crawl
Cheep, Cheep, Cheep
Chocolate Soup
Chubby Little Snowman
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Did You Ever See a Caterpillar?
Dig a Potato
Dino Dinosaurs
Dino Ditty
Do You Know the Muffin Man
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Eat an Apple
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Farmer Brown
Farmer Brown's Tractor
Farmer Plants the Seeds
Feed Your Alligator
Five Brown Buns
Five Enormous Dinosaurs
Five Fat Peas in a Pea Pod Pressed
Five Fat Sausages
Five Hungry Ants
Five Ice Cream Cones
Five Little Apples
Five Little Bananas
Five Little Cookies in the Bakery Shop
Five Little Donuts
Five Little Gingerbread Men
Five Little Holiday Cookies
Five Little Hot Dogs Frying in a Pan
Five Little Latkes
Five Little Squirrels with Acorns to Store
Five Little Turnips
Five Red Apples
Five Scoops of Ice Cream
Five Shiny Apples
Flip Flap Jack
French - Savez-Vous Planter les Choux? / Do You Know How to Plant Cabbage?
Fruit Salad
Fuzzy Eggs are All Around
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Georgie Porgie
Going on a Picnic
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Handy Spandy
Hello Chant
Here are Mother's Knives and Forks
Here is a Cave, Inside is a Bear
Here is an Apple
Here is My Pumpkin, Round and Fat
Here's a Cup
Hippity Hop to the Ice Cream Shop
Hot Cross Buns
Humpty Dumpty
Hungry Hungry
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I am hungry
I am Popcorn
I Eat a Rainbow Every Day
I Eat Oatmeal for Breakfast
I Eat Turkey
I Have a Dog and His Name is Rags
I Like Ice Cream
I Like Jelly on My Toast
I Wish I Was A Little Juicy Orange
I Wish I Were Someone
I'm a Little Doughnut
I'm a Little Princess
I'm a Little Teapot
I'm a Nut
I'm Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor
I'm Toast In The Toaster
I've Been Working on the Railroad
Icky, Bicky, Soda Cracker
If You Like Your Eggs Scrambled
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Jello in the Bowl
Jelly in the Bowl
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Kitten Was Hiding Under a Chair
Kitty is Hiding
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