Fulfilling the dream of education with Plaza Comunitaria

Spanish version / Versión en español

For the fourth year, the Bellevue Library hosted an inspiring Plaza Comunitaria graduation. Eight graduates celebrated their achievements!

Plaza comunitaria gives adult students the opportunity to receive an official education. This is a chance that they never had as young children. The program addresses the education gap for Spanish-speaking adults from all nationalities. Plaza is transforming lives and fulfilling the dream of education!

Thanks to the program, students are able to learn how to read and write, earn an elementary, and junior high school diploma. 

Freddy is a great example of how plazas is transforming people’s lives! He wrote his wife his first greeting card. He is now able to understand fractions and promoted at the restaurant where he works. The program made a big difference for him. His life-long dream of becoming a chef is now closer!

In September 2015 the Bellevue library started the program thanks to our key partners:

Since 2015 more than 40 students received a basic education diploma. Seven of these students also earned a Washington high school diploma. The Bellevue library offers the HS+ program in Spanish. a partnership between Renton Technical College, Goodwill, and KCLS.

Plaza is offering adults the opportunity to grow. The program has a big impact in their self-esteem. Students expand their personal and professional horizons. “I see persons who entered the program with their heads down. They are ashamed of not being able to read or write. I see these same persons left with confidence and at times a better job” – Bob, volunteer tutor.

Plaza is a safe and culturally responsive educational center. INEA designed the curriculum, which was recognized by UNESCO.  More than ten volunteering tutors help students in their primary language. In 2019, they assisted with over 850 hours.

“I came here to finish my primary education. I am very pleased to have obtained my certificate. Thank you to the volunteers for helping me meet this challenge. This is only the beginning of my pursuit of further studies”. - María Elena, student.

Learn more about this program that is now offered virtually. Please visit our blog in English and Spanish, email espanol@kcls.org, or call 425-369-3443.

Your donations to the KCLS Foundation makes programs like Plaza Comunitaria possible. The Foundation funded 60% of KCLS programs last year.