HS+ in Spanish: Obtain an Official High School Diploma

Versión en español / Spanish version

Do you dream of attending a university in the US but first need your official high school diploma?
The HS+ program is an opportunity to achieve your educational goals.

1. What is the bilingual HS+ program in Spanish?
HS+ allows you the opportunity to finish high school by obtaining an official degree recognized by the state of Washington. This program is now offered hybrid and online in collaboration with RTC (Renton Technical College)

2. What is the difference between this HS+ program in Spanish and the GED?

The HS+ program is equivalent to the GED but the path to accreditation is different.
HS+ offers credit for previous knowledge and life-skills as well through classes, homework and essays.
HS+ is a less academic program and you do not have to pass the four GED exams.

3. How does registration work and what do I need to register?
For additional information, please send a text, or call (206) 880-1704. You can also email askccp@rtc.edu
Classes follow the RTC academic calendar

4. Does it have any cost?
You can request a tuition waiver in the registration form. 

5. Where can I find more information about this and other Spanish programs?
Call (425) 369-3443 or write to espanol@kcls.org.