Late Fines to Be Cleared on May 4

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On May 4, we will clear late fines from all library accounts. We call this new initiative called A Fresh Start for All. This will give library users a fresh start before we resume charging late fines on September 15.

The pandemic placed many hardships on King County communities. To help, we temporarily stopped assessing late fines in March 2020. We understand you may have accumulated overdue materials. You will have until September 15 to return items before late fines resume.

Learn more about the actions we're taking to help prepare patrons for this change.

Starting May 4:
  • All accounts will automatically receive a one-time waiver of late fines.
  • Charges for lost and damaged materials will remain on accounts.
  • Items that are more than 30 days overdue will be processed as lost. Replacement charges for these items will appear on patron accounts. 
  • Patrons with lost materials and balances greater than $25 will receive billing notices. You will have until September 15 to return items or pay fees before accounts are blocked.

Starting September 15:

  • We will resume charging late fines.
  • Accounts with balances greater than $25 will be blocked. Blocked accounts will not be able to renew items or check out additional materials.
  • We will introduce automatic renewals. We will renew your materials if there are no other holds on them. More information about this feature will be available later this summer. 

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