Borrowing Rules Change on May 9

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Some borrowing rules change on May 9, coinciding with the end of late fines, opens a new window. We are making changes to renewal limits, borrowing privileges, and replacement charges. More accounts will be able to borrow again. Learn what to expect when the new rules take effect and why we're making these changes.

   Current Rule New Rule (Starting May 9)  
How many times can I renew items?   5 times.   2 times.                    

We hope that fewer renewals will increase the number of items available to browse on shelves.

What amount must account balances stay under to continue checking out physical items? $25 balance.  

$75 balance in replacement charges for physical items. Accounts with higher balances will be temporarily unable to borrow physical items. You will be able to check out physical items again when your balance is $75 or less.

This change reduces barriers to access.

Are accounts with high balances sent to collections?                                          


Yes, when the balance reaches $50.   No.                    

We found that collections created a negative experience for patrons.

When are overdue items considered lost?   30 days overdue.   60 days overdue, for most patrons. This provides more time to locate misplaced items before replacement charges are assessed.
If I pay the fee to replace a lost item, but it is later found and returned, can I get a refund?   Yes, within a year of the payment.   Yes, within 6 months of the payment.                    

This change aligns with timeframes for processing card refunds.

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