What documents do I need to show to get a library account?

You can use these documents to provide proof of address for your library account.

Photo identification with birth date.

One of the following is required for adults.

Document may be current or expired.

  • Acceptable examples include:
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Washington ID Card
  • U.S. Military ID
  • Matricula Consular (issued by Mexican government)


Address verification matching qualifying residential address and given name.

One of the following is required for adults and minors.

Document must be current.

Acceptable examples include:

  • Washington Driver’s License
  • Washington ID Card
  • Printed Checks
  • Utility Bill (printout of online bill acceptable)
  • Apartment Lease
  • Voter’s Registration
  • King County Tax Bill
  • Other (Must be of a legal or permanent nature)