Share What You’re Reading with the New Libby Update

Readers love to tell everyone about the great book they just read. OverDrive has made it easier to share a link to the library copy in the new Libby update.

Sharing titles

You can share titles to social media or directly with friends, using the Share button. Look for the button from the title’s Reading Journey and details screen. When you share a title page, your friend will see:

  • The book’s summary.
  • Basic details.
  • Nearby libraries that offer the title through Libby.

This will make it easier for you to share your favorite reads with family, friends, and followers. You'll also be spreading awareness of the library's digital collection.

Exporting reading data

Along with sharing titles, the new Libby update allows you to export your reading data. Your reading data includes:

  • Titles in a specific tag.
  • Your activity timeline.
  • A title’s Reading Journey, which includes bookmarks, notes, and highlights.

You can choose how to export your data and how to use it. That could be:

  • Posting a favorite tag to Twitter.
  • Graphing your 2020 reading stats.
  • Revisiting notes and highlights for a book club.

Visit Libby Help for more information about these new features as well as other FAQs. We look forward to sharing additional updates to Libby soon!