The Word is Out: 2017 Audiobook of the Year!

Attention fellow audiobook lovers: Winners of the 2017 Audies are announced! As a shameless audiobook snob, I have been impatiently looking forward to the announcement of the winners for the 2017 Audies. The Audio Publishers Association honors the best titles, narrators, and production efforts in audio publishing with the annual Audie Awards. The awards cover 27 categories that include the […]

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Ask and You Shall Receive

Have a real need for a really good read? We have recommendations from real people...really! If you are looking to complete another reading category for our 10 to Try Reading Challenge, then try reading a book recommended by KCLS staff. Connecting readers to books happens to be one of our many specialties at the library, […]

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Let’s Get Graphic

Make no mistake, comic books and graphic novels can definitely be enjoyed by grown-ups! Fun, dark, kitschy, or artistic- whether you want something quick and entertaining or involved and thought-provoking, there is a graphic novel or comic out there that fits your reading flavor. Read a graphic novel or comic book and move one step closer to completing […]

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Shout-Out to Shaun Tan

Looking for artistic inspiration? Shaun Tan's illustrations have drawn my attention, and they may do the same for you. Shaun Tan is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning artist, and for very good reason. In any one of his illustrated books, Shaun Tan presents surreal and somewhat moody imagery in a humorous and thought-provoking package. His […]

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LEGO, I Love You

For fans of LEGO® bricks, love runs deep. And for good reason; these simple toys appeal to our maker sensibilities and artistic bents. In fact, brick building just might be one of the most beneficial activities for freeing our imaginations to accomplish some pretty complicated creative feats. Don't believe me? The work of Nathan Sawaya might change […]

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