PNW Author Alert: Meet G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson at the 2014 New York Comic Convention

G. Willow Wilson is one of those authors for me- you know the ones. The ones you trust. The ones that make your heart go a little funny every time you see they have a new book and you just can't rest until you get your hands on it. The ones that you talk up to […]

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Celebrating Seattle Artist Jacob Lawrence

Cover of the book Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series

Exciting news for art fans and history buffs alike: on January 21, the Seattle Art Museum will be marking the 100 year anniversary of the birth of artist Jacob Lawrence with the return of his Migration Series! This collection of 60 paintings depicts scenes and stories from the Great Migration, a time beginning in the 1910s when […]

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Stephen King Recommends

Stephen King's Twitter Picture

Anyone who's enough of a Stephen King fan to follow his tweets will know that he regularly recommends the best of the books he's currently reading. The books (as you might expect!) tend towards horror novels and thrillers, but he is obviously an incredibly prolific reader and his recommendations really run the gamut of genres. […]

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Modern Poetry Exploring Race & Identity

Vivek Shraya Even This Page is White Cover

I've long been a fantasy and graphic novel nerd, but lately I've been trying to expand my reading horizons in a quest to be a "well-rounded reader." This has brought somewhat mixed results (I'm a little too squeamish to ever be a fan of true crime, for one!), but the plus side has been finding out that, […]

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African-American STEM Heroes!

I do a little internal happy dance every time I get a reference question that directly relates to what I'm reading at the moment. This happened recently when a patron asked for children's books on African-American inventors and inventions-- a question that came exactly one day after I read and loved Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson's Super-soaking Stream of Inventions, the story […]

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Oh, The Horror! 9 Creepy Graphic Novels

It's about that time again where I go out of the way to try and scare the pants off myself. As the days cool and force me inside- Wait, no. Let's try that again- As the days cool and give me a reason to not feel bad about being inside (there, better), my tastes change to […]

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Super Fun Girl Power Graphic Novels!

Sometimes I just want to pick up a graphic novel and read about amazing girls doing amazing things, and thankfully this is becoming easier all the time! It's exciting to see so many fun comics featuring all different kinds of girls, from the girly to the not-so-girly, the super book-smart to the more cleverly streetwise, the […]

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Smaller-Scale Standalone Fantasy Novels

Fantasy is my thing, but sometimes I just can't handle another multi-book saga-- especially if I have to wait for the rest of the series to be released! The epicness that often comes with reading my genre of choice, both in the length of the series and the sheer scale of it all, can be a bit overwhelming. When I need […]

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Preserving the Flavors of Summer!

It's officially summer again, and thank goodness because I've been coasting on the remains of last year's apple butter for quite a while! Needless to say, I am super excited that it's time to stock up my pantry with new jams and other goodies again. There's nothing like tasting summer in the form of a […]

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4 Sweet Romances with Imperfect Leads

I've officially been reading romances long enough that I should probably quit pretending it's a phase and just proudly state that I am a Romance Reader, capital Rs and all! With so many titles under my belt, I finally have a good idea of what makes me smile so hard my cheeks hurt, and what just makes me cringe. These four books will be […]

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