Fluffy Comfort Reads Featuring Trans & Non-Binary Folks

As we head into Transgender Awareness Week and take some time to look at the issues facing transgender and gender non-conforming people, we're likely to find a lot of painful stories. While I don't want to downplay the importance of looking at these experiences, equally as important are the stories about trans and non-binary folks that are on the lighter side, stories about people just living their lives.
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Romances We Love: Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

Are you in need of a romance that'll help you believe in love and goodness and happily ever afters? While I know that a lot of us already have our favorite go-to tropes for times like these, if you're in the market for something a little extra gooey, I'd like to suggest something featuring a beautiful cinnamon roll character! For anyone unfamiliar with the term, cinnamon…
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Discover Yuyi Morales

If you are unfamiliar with Yuyi Morales' work, her picture books are definitely something to experience— colorful, dreamy illustrations combine with charming stories to create that special magic that happens when an artist has a true gift for the medium.  Over the past 15 years that gift has been recognized by readers and book awards…
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What Would Amy Santiago Read?

If you're a fellow fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you likely watch it for its silly-yet-smart sense of humor, its overabundance of heart, and most of all, its unique characters. While I love them all, the character who speaks most to my book-loving soul is the high-strung, high-achieving, bookish Amy Santiago. This is a woman who formed an entire heist…
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