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The Desk Set Podcast

The Desk Set Podcast

Listen to episodes of The Desk Set, a new library podcast, featuring author interviews, book suggestions, literary conversations, and more.

Podcast show notes

Immigrant Stories

Explore immigrant stories with author Angie Kim and the King County Library System's Diversity Services Coordinator.

Read a Children's Book

Take a nostalgic look back at some of the most popular children's series published in the '80s and '90s in this episode of The Desk Set.

Read a Book About History

On this episode of The Desk Set, we're talking about books about history with authors Amy Stewart, Jennifer Egan, and Ken Jennings.

Sex, Sobriety, Shame: Books About Difficult Topics

On this episode, we talk to authors Bonnie J. Rough and Kristi Coulter about their books that tackle difficult topics.

Read a Book about Family

The Desk Set interviews journalist Angela Garbes, author of Like A Mother and Laurie Frankel about her novel This Is How It Always Is.

True Crime Books

Hear interviews with two true crime authors, plus get suggestions for some of Emily and Britta's favorite books about crime.

New Year, New Books

Learn how the library can support your New Year's resolutions, hear about books we're looking forward to, and learn about 10 to Try 2019.

Best Books of 2018 Podcast Episode

Discover the Best Books of 2018 in this special episode of the KCLS podcast The Desk Set.

Books Foodies Will Devour

Learn about the art and science of taste with author Becky Selugnut, get cookbook and food writing suggestions and dig into pie and whiskey.

Lived Experiences

Hear interviews with authors Rebecca Roanhorse and Litsa Dremousis plus get suggestions for memoirs and books by Native American authors.

Young Adult Friction

Hear an interview with young adult fiction author Marissa Meyer and enjoy a discussion of banned books and graphic novels.

Books in Translation

Hear interviews with Kristin Hannah and Megan McDowell, and learn about the process of translating Harry Potter for a global audience.

Are Books Always Better Than Movies?

We talk about the best, worst, and most anticipated page-to-screen adaptations and interview authors Matt Ruff and Kim Fu.

Introducing The Desk Set

Discover a new library podcast for readers, featuring author interviews, book suggestions, and interesting conversations on literary topics.
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