Program Proposal

Submit your idea for a program or event that you’d like to present at the library.

FAQs for presenters

  • We offer a variety of events and programs. Doing so helps us meet the information and entertainment needs of our communities. 

    These may be a one-time program or a series of sessions. The format for each program differs. For example, one program may involve a performance while another involves hands-on learning. 

  • Programs are a type of event hosted by the library. We offer programs, classes, and workshops. Find out what the difference is between each type of event below.

    Program: A program is a single session or series of sessions led by a presenter or performer. A program is recreational or an entertainment-based experience, or conveys information.

    Class: A class is a series of learning opportunities on the same topic led by an instructor. Classes are sequential and usually take place over 2-6 weeks. Class is often hands-on and the knowledge or skill level of participants builds over time.

    Workshop: A workshop is a learning opportunity led by an instructor. Workshops introduce participants to a single topic. This may include hands-on learning.

  • Please complete a Program Proposal.  

  • Our staff reviews proposals as time allows and will be in contact if we are interested in booking your program. 

  • We select programs based on our values and initiatives as well as community needs and interests we’ve identified. We are actively seeking programs and presenters with diverse identities, perspectives and experiences. Not all programs submitted will be selected.  

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