Pick Up Holds Anytime in a 24-Hour Locker

Send your holds to a locker for flexible, convenient pickup. Unlock your next read!

You can send your holds to private and secure lockers at these libraries.

You'll need your all-access library card number and PIN/password to use this service. Here's how it works:

  1. When you place a hold in the online catalog, choose a locker as the pickup location. If you have Single-Click holds turned on, you’ll want to turn it off. This will give you the option to choose a locker instead of picking up your holds inside the library. 
  2. You’ll be notified by phone or email when your item is ready for pickup. You'll have three days to pick it up.
  3. Your hold will be available in the locker 24/7 for three days.
  4. When you arrive, enter your library card number and PIN/password. This will open the locker door.
  5. When the door opens, your items are checked out, so be sure to take all your items. If you find that you don’t want an item anymore, return that item to an open book drop. Book drops are open 24/7.

Not sure if you should pick up your holds in a locker or inside your library?

Here's a quick guide to help you find out which one will best meet your needs.

  Locker Pickup Pickup Inside Your Library
Days to pick up before holds expire 3 days  8 days
Open hours 24 hours, 7 days a week Varies by library
Onsite assistance No, call Ask KCLS during their open hours. Yes
How to request In the catalog or KCLS app In the catalog or KCLS app, by phone, or in person
Pick up large items (Books to Grow On, picture books, kits) No Yes
Library card and PIN/password needed at pickup Yes No

If you need your hold quickly or need more time to pick them up please send holds to your library instead.

Get more details about scheduling a locker pickup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are not sending accounts to collections right now. 

    Books, audio/video materials, magazines $0.10 per item, per day $3.00 maximum per item per loan period 
    Most media equipment $5 per item, per day $50.00 maximum per item per loan period

    You will be charged a replacement cost for items that are 30 days overdue.

    You will not be able to borrow items if you owe more than $25 in late fines or lost fees.

  • We have heard feedback from patrons requesting more open hours. Some libraries in Southwest King County had enough staff to change open hours in January.

    More hiring is needed to offer additional open hours at more locations. We are actively hiring more staff across the system to support this goal. As staffing levels increase, we expect we will be able to change open hours at almost all locations. We appreciate your patience as we grow our team.

  • Yes.

    All employees get paid time off for:  

    • Vacation  
    • Sick  
    • One “floating” holiday that employees can choose when to use 
    • Holidays

    We recognize 11 holidays each year. All full-time employees get paid time off for all holidays. Part-time employees get paid holiday time off if the holiday is on a day they work.* 

    *Unless covered by a union contract. 

  • Fill out our online application. You'll need to create an account on the Government Jobs website.

    1. Go to the applicant login page and select  "Create an Account."
    2. Complete all account information fields then click "Create."
    3. Go to the "Current Job Openings" page and select the job that you want to apply for. Click  "Apply."
    4. Complete all sections of the application. An incomplete application may disqualify you from the application process.
      Have you applied for a job at the library before?
      You can edit your saved application.
      Is this your first time applying?
      You can upload a .pdf, .text, or .doc file.
    5. Fill out the “Education and Work Experience” sections with the relevant details. Do not use "see résumé" as a response on the application. Your résumé does not substitute for incomplete “Education and Work Experience” sections.
    6. Save or discard your changes at each step by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
    7. Certify and send us your application by clicking "Accept." You will receive an email verifying that we've received your application.

    Need more help?

  • We have 41 local Friends of the Library groups. New members are always welcome. Interested in joining a local Friends group? Find your next local meeting on our calendar. Or, contact your local library to find out more.

    Most of the Friends groups ask that members pay small annual dues, around $5 per year. Members also volunteer time for fundraising projects, community events, and meeting attendance. Find your local group.

  • After receiving notification that a hold is available, you can do one of the following: 

    • Borrow the title within 3 days. 
    • Suspend the hold by selecting “deliver later.” This option passes the book to the next person in line while keeping your place on the waitlist. You'll set the suspension period, and can borrow the book when the next copy is available.  
    • Cancel the hold. 

    If you take no action, your hold will automatically be suspended as a one-time courtesy for 7 days. If no action is taken a second time, your hold will be canceled.

  • Escape Room Designer Duties (Teens)

    Design a 20-30 minute virtual escape room for the library to share with children or teens.

    Work with adult volunteer reviewers to create a story line and develop an escape in Google Forms.

    Volunteers can choose one of the following: elementary math, teen fun, elementary fun.

    Escape Room Editor Duties (Adults)

    Play through teen-designed escape rooms drafts.

    Provide feedback notes on grammar, story development, game play.

    Check for adherence to project guidelines.


    Escape Room Designers must be teens, ages 14-19 years old.

    Escape Room Editors must be adults with strong editing and story development skills.

    Time Commitment

    Designing escape rooms takes 8-12 hours to complete. Volunteers will receive 4-6 weeks to complete the room.

    Editors spend 1-2 hours on each draft. Feedback notes should be returned within 3-5 days.

    Applications are accepted throughout the year. Apply here.

  • Some Kindle titles are exclusive to Amazon and not available through Overdrive. We purchase Kindle editions whenever possible. If a Kindle edition is available through Amazon, we can submit a request to OverDrive. This does not guarantee that we'll be able to add the Kindle edition.

    Please contact Ask KCLS if there is a Kindle edition showing on Amazon.com.

  • Send a document to a library printer using our online form. After you've sent your document, drop by to pick up prints inside the library. You can pick up in as little as one hour. 

    1. Preview the document on your device and check the number of pages.

    • You can print up to $1.50 each week for free with your library card's weekly print allowance. That gives you up to 10 black and white or 3 color pages each week.
    • You have the option to pay for more prints.

    2. Send the document to a library that's open for visits. Send your document at least one hour before you will pick it up. You'll have 12 hours to pick up any documents you've requested. Print requests are deleted after 12 hours. Be sure to check your pickup location's hours before you send your document.

    • Find your pickup library in the Pickup Library list.
    • Use the form to send the document to your library's black and white or color printer.

    3. After you've sent your document, drop by your pickup location. 

    4. When you arrive at your pickup library, go to the self-serve print release station.

    5. Log in at the print release station to print your document. You'll use the same email address you used to send your document.

  • When you place a hold from the online catalog, choose either: 

    Bothell Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Covington Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Federal Way 320th Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Kirkland Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Tukwila Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    Woodinville Lockers, 24-hour pickup, holds held 3 days.

    If you have Single-Click holds turned on, you’ll want to turn it off. This will give you the option to choose a locker. 

  • 10 to Try is a year-long reading challenge. Read a book in each of 10 categories, track your reading, and share your favorites with the library and your fellow readers. 


Lockers were generously funded by the KCLS Foundation.

Updated 6/29/2022.