KCLS responds to misinformation surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

KCLS has recently been accused of holding a “racially segregated training program.” KCLS denies these allegations.

In 2019, under the guidance of our consultants, Racial Equity Consultants (REC), we provided caucused listening sessions for staff to help inform REC’s institutional racial equity assessment work. These listening sessions were voluntary for staff and designed to gather information to help us better understand institutional racial equity concerns, particularly those voiced by BIPOC staff members at KCLS, so that our consultants could develop a report and recommendations. Attendance by managers was mandatory for the purpose of preparing them for providing leadership around potential conversations or questions that their staff members might have following the sessions.

These listening sessions were not trainings, and KCLS affirms that it does not have a “racially segregated training program.”

KCLS is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as part of our service to the public. We understand that race is a complex and sensitive topic, and that discussions around race and racism are sometimes difficult, though necessary.