Find a Location Pages Are Changing on March 14

The Find a Location map and A-Z list of locations will change on March 14. BiblioCommons, our website vendor, is making accessibility improvements and adding new features. We hope these changes will help make it easier to find information about your library. Find out what to expect on the new page.

Grid and Map View

You can now choose to browse locations in a grid with images or as pins on a map.

On both views, you can find any location's:

  • Name
  • Status (open or closed now)
  • Address
  • Telephone number

On the map view, you'll need to click or tap a location pin to get location details.


You can still use filters to find locations that have amenities such as 24/7 locker pickup. Or, use the Open Now filter to find locations that are currently open.

Filters will now affect the results displayed on both the grid and map views.

You can find any active filters you've chosen above the grid and map view tabs. Click any active filter to remove individual filters. Or, choose Clear All to remove all filters.

Mobile Devices

You can now use the new Find a Location grid or map on any screen size, including phones and tablets.


You can now find accessibility improvements to all parts of the locations page. This includes:

  • Focus management.
  • Contrast and color compliance.
  • Assigning roles to necessary elements.
  • Text zoom up to 200%.
  • Clearer descriptions for screen readers.

Search for and Sort Locations

You can now search by library name, address, or ZIP code. You can sort locations by how close they are to a geographic location you search for. Or, find libraries that are near your current location.

To find the nearest locations to a geographic location, search by an address or ZIP code.

To find the nearest locations to you, click or tap Use my location. Doing so will allow the locations page to use your location.

Browsers such as ChromeFirefox and Safari will ask you for permission to use your location. Refer to your browser's settings and support pages to manage these permissions.

When your location is in use, a Near my location tag will display as an active filter above the grid and map view tabs. Click or tap this tag to remove your location from both the grid and map views.

Filters will affect the results displayed on both the grid and map views.

Preferred and Current Locations

Have you set a preferred location in your account? If so, it will be highlighted on the location page when you're logged in.

If you're using a library computer, your current location will also be highlighted on the map view.

If you need to change your preferred pickup location, you can update it in your online account.

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