Changes to Your Library’s Online Calendar Are Coming Soon

We're making it easier for you to find events in your library's online calendar! Find out what's changing starting on November 25.

What's changing?

Starting on November 25, you'll find new ways to browse for similar types of events. Over the next few weeks, we'll be updating the categories in the calendar's 'Event Types' filter.

What are event types?
You can use filters to narrow your search when browsing events in the online calendar. These filters are available on the left side of the online calendar. One way that you can filter events is by event type. Each category in the 'Event Types' filter describes a specific type of activity.

Examples of event types include:

  • Author talks
  • Book groups
  • Meetings

Why is this change happening?
Your library schedules hundreds of events and programs every month. So many, that we've heard that finding relevant events can be difficult.

New event type categories will make it easier! There will be fewer categories. As a whole, the language used to label each category is simpler.

What are the new 'Event Type' categories?
• Art and Entertainment
• Author Talks
• Book Groups
• Book Sales and Fundraisers
• Citizenship and English Language Learning
• Classes and Workshops
• Tutoring and Education
• Games and Gaming
• Help
• Job and Career Support
• Lectures and Conversations
• Meetings
• Story Times, Learning and Play
• Tax Help

How were the new labels chosen?
We looked at staff and patron needs to choose the new labels.

Library staff told us what types of events and programs happen most often.

Patrons reviewed our event type ideas in an online survey. Survey participants shared which event types they found most meaningful.

Who can help me find evens in the online calendar? Who can I ask if I have questions?
Contact Ask KCLS for help using the online calendar.