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College Students

College Students

Your student ID provides you access to all the online resources the King County Library System (KCLS) offers.

Featured Online Resources

Use these online resources with your student account or library card number.

Find Online Services to Use from Home

Browse databases. Read eBooks. Stream movies, tv, or music. Explore all the resources that are available from your library online.

Need Tutoring or Help with a Paper?

Get one-on-one help in any entry-level college subject. Submit an essay or math problem for review.

Get Job and Career Information

Learn at your own pace with Access Video and Drop off a resume or cover letter for review with

Read Magazines and Newspapers

Get access to historic and current articles. Choose from local and national newspapers. Read about events around the world on Pressreader.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A KCLS student account is a special library account that uses a student's ID number instead of a physical library card.

  • All public school districts in King County except the Seattle School District participate in the KCLS student account program. In addition, several private schools and colleges also have student accounts. See the full list for login information.

    Students have full access to KCLS eBooks and downloadable materials, databases, and online homework help from anywhere. Student accounts do not allow students to check out physical materials from KCLS libraries, use public computers inside a KCLS library, or print via KCLS computers.

  • 1. You have gone to and clicked on "Log In / My KCLS" in the upper right.

    Screenshot of top right side of KCLS website header: Help, Hours & Locations, and and black Log In / My KCLS button with Log In / My KCLS button crossed out

    This "Log In" link will take you to our catalog of physical materials. You'll know if you're in our catalog if you see "bibliocommons" in the URL as it appears below.

    Since student accounts provide access to online resources only, you'll need to start at or Kids Homework Help or Teens Homework Help instead of the catalog.

    Start by visiting the student accounts page, choose your school level, and click on the online resource you want to use (eBooks and downloadable audiobooks,, etc.).

    2. The student has been opted out.
    In some cases, a student's parent may opt their student(s) out of this program. Check with your school district to find out.

  • KCLS creates a student account for each new student automatically. We use data updates provided by participating schools on a weekly basis.

  • Yes. Student accounts provide access 24x7, all year round.

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