Preview the New Item Page

BiblioCommons is updating the way books and other items are displayed in our catalog. Learn more about the changes and how to preview the new item page.

Choose to Opt In

You'll see the option to preview the new experience at the top of the page. 

Preview message for opt-in. 

  • Choose No thanks if you don't want to try the preview.
  • Choose Preview to turn on the preview.

What Happens 

Once you choose the Preview button, you'll be taken to the new item page. 

  • If you are not logged in, you'll be prompted to log in.
  • If you are logged in, you'll be taken to the new item page. 

Clicking 'Preview' on the preview message takes you to the new item page experience. 

What's Improved

  • Title

    • Larger cover image. 
    • Clearer display of titles.
    • Easier to read summary.


  • See the number of ratings that are combined to make the average rating.
  • A clearer, mobile-friendly way for you to add your own ratings.

Simple Shelves

  • Adding and managing items is simpler with clear and easy to understand menus.

The Format Chooser

  • Updated to focus on availability.
  • Mobile users will see an improved format chooser.
  • In development: A 'more editions' menu to make it easier to see multiple editions of titles in the same format.

In the Same Series

  • See titles in the same series front and center.
  • See up to three titles in the same series in the About section.
  • Additional titles in the full series display.

Relevant Recommendations

  • Recommendations are highlighted, getting you to your next great read.

Provide Feedback

The preview bar at the top of the page gives you two options: 'Leave preview' or 'Give feedback.'

  • Choose Leave preview to go back to the old view of item page. 
  • Choose Give feedback to share comments on your experience.