Finding and Placing Holds on New DVDs

Do you like being among the first to check out new DVDs, but don't always know the release date schedule? Upgrade your searching skills and get ready to spend quality time with your DVD player.  

What Does On Order Mean? How Do I Search for On Order DVDs?

  • Titles that are new and on order have only very basic information. You might see items for children in an adult search. Audiences will get corrected when we receive the DVD and it goes through cataloging. This is a trade-off that our selection department has made. Adding incomplete records when we place the order allows you to place holds earlier.

  • There are several ways you can search for DVDs on order, choose the method that works best for you!

    Keyword Search

    To search for fiction titles, search the catalog for dvd fic on order.

    To search for nonfiction titles, search the catalog for dvd nf on order.

    Enter "dvd fic on order" in the search box at the top right side of the website. Search setting are set to search the catalog by keyword.Advanced Search
    Open Advanced Search from the link under the keyword search bar.

    Select Call Number from the Include dropdown list.

    Type dvd fic on order as your search criteria.

    If you'd like to see nonfiction, type dvd nf on order.

    In the "Use the form to construct your query" section, select Call Number from the Include dropdown list. Type 'dvd fic on order' in the search box. Website Picker

    Prefer to use a drop-down menu to create your search? Use this option to find DVDs and other formats.

    Select Books and More.

    Under the Formats heading, select New and On Order.

    Use the dropdown boxes to customize your search.

    Choose Books and More from the menu across the top of the website. In the Formats section, choose New and On Order.Use the filters on the New and On Order page in the catalog to filter by Format, Content (fiction, nonfiction, government documents), Audience, or Language.

Keyword Search

  • To search for DVD fiction titles, search the catalog for 'dvd fic on order'.  
  • To search for DVD non-fiction titles, search the catalog for 'dvd nf on order'.  

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