Kids Love These Graphic Novels

Are you looking for an exciting children's graphic novel? Members of our book club for kids shared their all-time favorite graphic novels in this list.

Kids' Graphic Novel Book Club Favorites

Book club member review: "I loved Artemis Fowl because he is very intelligent and good at many things. The book is great art and the plot is the best and the kind of book I like."

Book club member review: "I like the Babymouse series by Jennifer L Holm & Matthew Holm. I like the pictures and the storylines. I think other people should read them because they’re funny.”

Book club member review: "These graphic novels by Shannon Hale are about how friendship really is. They are very emotional and feel very real and that's why they're my favorites."

Book club member review: "I really like The Cardboard Kingdom a lot. It's my favorite book I've ever read."

Book club member review: "I really like the Dog Man books by Dav Pilkey. They are funny. They have lots of fun and neat characters. And all kids would like them like I do."

Book club member review: "I love Doodleville because it's about a girl named Drew and ALL of her doodles she makes are ALIVE and she makes a place for them to stay called Doodleville. She makes friends with her art club mates and their doodles team up to fight a creation that Drew made called Leviathan. It's really funny and her whole art club is fun."

Book club member review: "I just love dragons and think they are so cool. If I could be friends with any character from a book it would be Peril from this series."

Book club member review: "I like the art and how you can kinda have an experience like YOU'RE Cece. I really love that."

Book club member review: "I was so excited to read this. I love all of Raina Telgemeier's books and they are all my favorites."

Book club member review: "This book has the greatest plot, characters, and setting. It's the total package and the best graphic novel ever."

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