What Book Did Teens Vote “The Best”?

Fists in the air in solidarity

The 2017 winner of the Evergreen Teen Book Award was announced recently and I could not be happier! The winner this year is: The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. The Crossover If you're not familiar with the Evergreen Teen Book Award, it is an annual award that "was created to give teens in the state of […]

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Craft-spiration for All!

Paint brushes, pencils and paint.

Recently there has been a large movement in bringing back the art of crafting. From DIY home projects to old fashioned hobbies like knitting, the world of craft has grown in popularity in recent years inspiring new websites, television shows, and events. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy are solely devoted to helping people sell art, […]

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Great African American Authors: eBooks

10 to Try 2017 Reading Challenge

The act of reading can take on many forms and meanings. Some people read to find escape from their lives, others read to discover more about themselves. Some of us read to learn something new, while others of us read to forget. No matter the reason we read, books are one avenue in which everyone, […]

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Read These Before They Become Movies in 2017!

Bowl of popcorn

I am a true believer in the idea that book is always better than the movie. When you read, you get more description of the setting, more understanding of the characters motives and a deeper look into the relationships between characters. I also think the "movies" I make up in my head while reading are […]

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YA Books To Help You Survive Your Winter Break

The two weeks of winter break are fast approaching and if you're looking for a way to pass the long, dark, cold hours I suggest you check out one of these winter or holiday-inspired books. Each book is set during the winter months and pairs perfectly with a cup of something hot. From tree decorating, […]

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Books I Would Give My 16-Year-Old Self

One of the many perks of being a teen services librarian is getting to inspire teens to read for fun, not just because they have too. When you’re in high school you have so much “required reading” for school that it's daunting to even think about reading, let alone reading something YOU want to. So […]

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Ten Terrific Back-To-School Books

School is almost upon us and for many parents and students this time of year can be full of every kind of emotion. From excitement about making new friends, to fear that your kindergarten will cry as you walk out of the classroom, to hope that this year will be less awful than last year. Fortunately […]

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Robots Are Taking Over the World

Once upon a time robots were the stuff of science fiction books, television shows and the imagination of children. Now there are robots being built for all kinds of reasons in the hopes of making our lives better, safer and more entertaining. From cleaning your house, performing surgery and helping children go to school, robots […]

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Books and Boards At Skate Parks

Come visit us at a local skate park this summer where we'll be bringing free books, mobile computer labs and skateboarding programs! This summer KCLS will be at skate parks in the Kent area providing services to skateboarders. We will be visiting the Kent West Hill Skate Park, Arbor Heights 360 Skate Park and Kent […]

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Goodbye Dystopia, Hello Boats?!

Remember when dystopian YA fiction was a new thing? When Hunger Games was a fresh idea never seen before? Now corrupt governments, cruel games to pit teenagers against each other and evil earth destroying technology has been so over done it's not even cool anymore. So what is the next big THING in YA fiction?  […]

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