10 to Try Check-in: November

November is a busy time of year for me, reading-wise. We're finalizing our Best Books lists (look for this year's on December 1), and as unbelievable as it sounds, I'm also already looking ahead to 2018. Luckily, I saved Read a Graphic Novel for my very last 10 to Try category, and graphic novels are usually pretty […]

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10 to Try Check-in: October

October is gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest. We get sunny but crisp days interspersed with the rainy gray that I'm grateful for after such a hot, smoky summer. So what better month to celebrate our beautiful corner of the country by Reading a Book by a PNW Author for 10 to Try?  Deb Caletti's What's Become of Her is […]

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Indie Author Day 2017

Join us for Indie Author Day on Saturday, October 14, from 10 am – 3 pm at the KCLS Service Center. Whether you're a new writer with dreams of publishing your first book, a seasoned author looking to find a new audience, or a reader hoping to discover a new favorite book, Indie Author Day is for you! […]

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10 to Try Check-in: September

I have nothing against the supernatural. I read plenty of unsettling mysteries, and I love a book that keeps me up past a reasonable bedtime. Despite all that, I've never been a horror fan. So when I decided to Read a Book from a New-to-you Genre for 10 to Try this month, horror was a pretty obvious […]

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10 to Try Check-in: August

It's summer! In the spirit of taking it easy, I chose Read a Book Recommended by KCLS Staff this month and let someone else pick my book. I asked for recommendations for witty romantic comedies (something like Eligible or The Royal We, both of which are perfect summer reads). A friend and coworker suggested Public Relations, a comedy about a PR professional and […]

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