Find assistive services, equipment, and collections at the library. Request an accommodation or file a complaint.

Request an Accommodation

We work to make sure that all library services are accessible, including our website and apps. We fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We will provide reasonable accommodations by request.

To ask for accommodations during library events:

Contact the librarian hosting the event at least one week before. Contact information is posted on the individual event listing in our online calendar.

Or, write to at least one week before the event.

For accommodations at specific library locations:

Start by talking to local staff. They know their locations and services best and may be able to offer immediate support. Staff may refer you to a manager, the Library Access Coordinator, or another staff member for help.

To talk about specific accommodations that could apply to all our libraries:

Contact Ask KCLS. If they're not able to help, Ask KCLS will forward your request to the Library Access Coordinator.

Or, email the Library Access Coordinator at

If you are experiencing a disability that makes it difficult to visit a library:

We have options that may make managing your account easier. These accommodations may include longer hold and loan periods.

Fill out our circulation qualification form. The Circulation Coordinator will be in touch with you about options.

For help using library databases or apps:

Is accessing information on our website difficult using assistive technology such as:

  • a screen reader
  • eye tracking device
  • voice recognition software or
  • other technology?

Contact Ask KCLS.
Provide the URL (web address) of the material you tried to access. What did you want to do? What issue did you encounter? Include your contact information.

Talk to staff at your community library.

For help using the website:

Did you encounter a barrier when you were trying to use our website? Is accessing information on our website difficult using assistive technology such as:

  • a screen reader
  • eye tracking device
  • voice recognition software or
  • other technology?

Contact Ask KCLS to report the issue so we can improve our website.

If you cannot leave home or come to a library:

Home Service may be a good option. We deliver library materials to individual adults and group home residents each month. Books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and more are available by request. Items can either be delivered by staff at the doorstep or by mail. You can contact Mobile Services at (425) 369-3456 or (877) 905-2008 to request an application. Learn about all the types of mobile services offered on our Library2Go page.

Learn About Accessibility at the Library

Accessible buildings, assistive equipment, and services are available.

Find out what accessible features are available at your community library. Check the Accessibility section on your library’s location page to plan your visit.

Browse all features available at libraries and online. Check the section below for details.

All of our library locations, restrooms, and meeting rooms are accessible.

Access to Library Buildings

Accessible Parking

All of our locations, except the Skykomish Library, have designated parking spaces. We're working on adding parking spaces at Skykomish.

Automatic Doors

All main entrances have automatic doors, except at the Skykomish Library.


Multistory locations have elevators:

Wheelchair Recharging Stations

These libraries have power wheelchair recharging stations:

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in all areas of the library where members of the public are allowed to go. Read our Animals in the Library Policy, opens a new window

Assistive Equipment and Services

Hearing Loops

These libraries have desktop hearing loops:

These locations have meeting room hearing loops:

Telecommunications Relay Service (711)

Telecommunications Relay Service (711) is available.


Accessibility Software

All public computers at the library have Accessibility software from Microsoft.

DragonSpeak Speech Recognition Software

DragonSpeak is available on one patron laptop at Bellevue Library. Call the Bellevue Library to make an appointment to use the laptop and reserve a study room to use it in.

Screen Reading and Magnification Software

JAWS screen reading and Magnifier screen magnification software are available at each library. Find this software on the dedicated computer labeled "ADA."


Closed Captioning

Auto-generated closed captioning is now available at all online events.

Closed captioning is always added to our official video postings on YouTube.

Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable accommodations are available for library events.

Contact the librarian offering the event no later than one week before the event. Contact information is posted on the individual event listing in our online calendar.

You may also write to at least one week before the event.


Captioned Movies and TV

Captioned DVDs are added to the collection whenever possible. Find these in the catalog. Search for the phrase “video recordings for the hearing impaired.”

Digital Collections

eBooks and audiobooks are available to download. Movies and music can be streamed. Digital editions of magazines and newspapers can be read online. Find all digital collections on our online library page.

Large Print

Large print materials are available at all community libraries.

Recorded Books (Audiobooks)

Recorded books on CD are available at community libraries.

Downloadable audiobooks are available online.


Spoken and Sign Language

Request free interpreter services. Get an interpreter in your language for library service. American Sign Language is available at some locations. Ask staff for Language Line.

File an ADA Complaint with the Library

Do you want to report a library accommodation that was unsatisfactory? Did you experience actions that you believe are prohibited by ADA law? You can file a complaint. You must report the complaint within 15 days of the alleged violation.

Include the name, address and contact information of the person filing the complaint. Give a brief description of the alleged violation(s). Provide the names of any persons involved or witness to the alleged violation(s).

You may submit the complaint in one of three ways: a letter, an email, or a voicemail. The Access Coordinator will respond within five business days.

Send written complaints to:

Library Access Coordinator
King County Library System
960 Newport Way NW
Issaquah, WA 98027

Email complaints with all required information to

Leave a detailed voice mail for the Access Coordinator at (425) 369-3453.

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