About Skyway Library

Opened: January 26, 2016


  • Designed by Weinstein A/U
  • 8,000 square feet


  • 1953: Formation of Skyway Library Board; Board contracts with KCLS for library service; Skyway Library first opens in the back of Kimball's Bakery on Renton Avenue
  • 1970: Opening of 5,100-square-foot library at 7614 South 126th Street
  • 2016: Opening of 8000-square-foot library at 12601 76th Ave. S

Friends of the Skyway Library

  • Dues: $5 (annual membership)
  • Book Sales: Ongoing sale in library; Annual Book Sale each fall
  • Meetings: Every other month

About the Friends of Skyway Library

Friends of Skyway Library is a long-standing organization of volunteers. Members fundraise for library programming.

They liaise with your librarians and support events for children, teens, and adults. They provide supplies and funding for local, all-ages programs. Past events include local author talks and the Spring into Art and STEM series.

Book Sales

The Friends sell gently used items donated by our community. Items for sale include books, comics, and audiovisual media. 

The main fundraising event is the Annual Book Sale.

Additionally, they have an ongoing book sale located near the self-checkout computers.

How To Get Involved

Friends of Skyway Library is open for new membership.

Members may take part in meetings and in-person volunteer opportunities. The Friends host membership meetings every other month.

For more information or to join, email President Jill Hermes at foslseattle@gmail.com.

How To Donate

Donate cash or checks to the cash box located on the book sale shelf near the Self-Check-Out computers. Or contact Treasurer Mary Brown at foslseattle@gmail.com.