About Renton Highlands Library

Opened: 2016


  • Designed by THA Architecture
  • 15,000 square feet


  • 1944: KCLS opens Renton Highlands Library to serve wartime housing residents
  • 1947: Renton Highlands Library joins the Renton Public Library
  • 1973: Opening of new, 6,592-square-foot Highlands Library
  • 2010: KCLS annexation
  • 2016: Opening of new 15,000-square-foot Renton Highlands Library

Friends of Renton Libraries

  • Friends of Renton Libraries first organized in 1965.
  • Book sales: ongoing book sale in library and annual major book sale, to be announced.
  • All donations go to programs and services at Renton Library.
  • Be a Friend!