About Federal Way 320th Library

Opened: September 2013


  • 1944: Steel Lake Library opens at a former school
  • 1948: Library moves to the Machlett family variety store; some books are stored in apple boxes below the counters
  • 1956: Library moves to a shopping center and is open six hours a week
  • 1961: Library moves into a donated People's National Bank building at the shopping center
  • 1970: Dedication of new library
  • 1975: Arson destroys the library; salvaged materials move to the Federal Way High School
  • 1976: Opening of rebuilt Federal Way 320th Library
  • 2013: New Library opens in September

Friends of the Federal Way Libraries

  • Dues: Individual, $5; Family, $10; Patron, $25
  • Book Sales: Ongoing sale in library; Biannual 2-day book sales, in spring and fall
  • Other Fundraisers: Flash drives
  • Meetings: Six meetings each year (general membership and elections meeting in June)