About Bothell Library

Opened: September 18, 1995


  • Designed by Zimmer, Gunsul & Frasca Partnership
  • 22,500 square feet


  • 1905: Bothell's first library opens in Odd Fellows Hall
  • 1905-1918: Several private libraries open and close
  • 1923-1925: Bothell has no formal library but Carlton Ericksen's general merchandise store on Main Street loans books for pennies a day
  • 1925: Library opens in a rented room of the American Hotel for $15 per month before moving to the Bothell Hotel for $13 per month
  • 1936: Bothell Town Council approves spending $10 per month on a librarian's salary, which is split by four volunteer librarians who each work one week per month
  • 1946: Bothell contracts with KCLS for library service
  • 1969: Opening of an 8,300 square-foot library on 182nd Street, funded by a library bond issue, KCLS, and a Federal Grant
  • 1986: KCLS annexation
  • 1995: Opening of the current 22,500 square-foot Bothell Regional Library

Friends of the Bothell Library

  • Dues: Individual, $5; Family, $15
  • Book Sales: Ongoing sale in library
  • Meetings: Annual Meeting, usually in January