About Bothell Library

Opened: September 18, 1995


  • Designed by Zimmer, Gunsul & Frasca Partnership
  • 22,500 square feet


  • 1905: Bothell's first library opens in Odd Fellows Hall
  • 1905-1918: Several private libraries open and close
  • 1923-1925: Bothell has no formal library but Carlton Ericksen's general merchandise store on Main Street loans books for pennies a day
  • 1925: Library opens in a rented room of the American Hotel for $15 per month before moving to the Bothell Hotel for $13 per month
  • 1936: Bothell Town Council approves spending $10 per month on a librarian's salary, which is split by four volunteer librarians who each work one week per month
  • 1946: Bothell contracts with KCLS for library service
  • 1969: Opening of an 8,300 square-foot library on 182nd Street, funded by a library bond issue, KCLS, and a Federal Grant
  • 1986: KCLS annexation
  • 1995: Opening of the current 22,500 square-foot Bothell Regional Library

Bothell Library Advisory Board

Library Advisory Boards are established by individual cities that have annexed to the King County Library System (KCLS). Members of these community boards are appointed by and serve in an advisory capacity to City officials on matters regarding the KCLS community library they represent.


  • Andrya Packer (Term expires 2020)
  • Laura Escude (Term expires 2021)
  • William Root (Term expires 2022)
  • Rebecca Birch (Term expires 2023)
  • Nidhi Kansal (Term expires 2023)
  • Sara Glerum (Term expires 2019)
  • Nadia Mustafa (Term expires 2019) 

Questions? Pauline Warden at 425-486-7811 or paulinew@kcls.org.

Friends of the Bothell Library

  • Dues: Individual, $5; Family, $15
  • Book Sales: Ongoing sale in library; Large, two-day sales each May and November
  • Meetings: Annual Meeting, usually in January