Study Zone Plus

Study Zone Plus

Connect to virtual homework help and resources!

How it Works

Study Zone Plus offers students in grades K-12 all these services in one place: 

  • Free homework help 
  • Access to KCLS librarians 
  • Language and reading support 
  • Social activities

Students in grades K-12 can log in any time during Study Zone Plus open hours. Students will be moved to breakout rooms by age groups, elementary or teen.

During high traffic, students will be muted and asked to put their request in Chat.



Schedule and How to Connect

All grades (K-12). Drop in any time.

Click on the "Connect to Study Zone Plus" box and click the "Join Zoom Meeting" link. 

Days and Times

Summer Schedule: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 4-6pm

Study Zone Plus will be closed:
June 20 - July 4
August 22 – September 3

What's Available

  • Study Zone Tutors
  • Math Club (grades K-8)
  • Reading Buddies (grades K-6)
  • Kids or Teens Talk Time
  • Recharge Rooms



How to Connect

Tutor Language and Subject Specialties

Subject and language availability may vary based on volunteer attendance. Unexpected absences or schedule changes can occur.

All subjects are available daily for Grades K-5.


Schedule of Tutor Languages and Advanced Subjects (Grades 6-12)

Math Club Schedule

Practice core math skills. Each 1-hour Math Club class is separated by suggested grade level.  Log in a few minutes before the lesson begins and request the class you want to attend.

Weekly lesson schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some students have asked for tutors who reflect their identity. For example, tutors who are Black, Indigenous or people of color (BIPOC). Contact the Study Zone coordinator for help connecting with specific tutors.

    Annie Poyner

    (206) 705-8491

  • Have materials on hand to work from, such as:

    • Instructions, textbooks, and assigned reading needed to complete your assignment.
    • Worksheets or other tools if you just want to practice certain skills.
    • Notes or other practice materials if you are studying for a test.
    • Online assignments or computer documents to share on screen (for video calls only).

    Tips for sharing student materials with the tutor: 

    • To maintain privacy, please do not email documents directly to the tutors.  
    • Students can use Share Screen in Zoom to display their work to the tutor. 
    • Students can use a smart phone or scanner to capture an image of a paper document/textbook/workbook. They can open that image on their computer/device to use with Share Screen in Zoom. 
    • Documents can be emailed to the librarian staffing the Study Zone Plus shift to forward to the tutor. 
    • Students may place a link in chat to a document stored in a cloud drive, such as iCloud, OneDrive or Google Drive. 
    • Students can hold their paper document or book up the device camera for the tutor to view. 
    • Students dialing in by phone can read their document to the tutor. The tutor will take notes in order to help the student. 
  • You can connect to Zoom online using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Or, dial in using a home phone or smartphone.

    Log in any time during Study Zone Plus hours. You do not need to register or provide personal information to participate. You can participate for any amount of time during Study Zone Plus hours.

    Only Math Club has set start and end times for each class.

  • Tutors are volunteers from our communities who have:

    • passed a Washington State patrol background check and
    • completed a program orientation.

    Volunteers range in age from high school juniors to retired adults.

    • Students are asked to follow the expected behaviors listed in the Terms of Use Agreement.
    • A library employee will supervise each online session.
    • Volunteer rovers circulate among the rooms to observe. Rovers will sit in whenever there is only one student in a room with a tutor.
    • Unaccompanied adults are not permitted and will be removed from the session. Only parents and caregivers assisting their K-12 student may sit in.
  • Study Zone Plus is free.

Young man working on laptop
using a laptop at home

Need more help?

You can also find free tutoring support online at ( is available from 2pm to midnight.)

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